Monday, 28 April 2014

Revel In Flesh / Feral - Deathkult

REVEL IN FLESH / FERAL - Deathkult (JOE BLACK - Split 7"EP 2014)
Here is the third and final of the three split 7”EPs, which Revel In Flesh participated in within the last couple of months. Two previous splits – with Puteraeon and Grave Wax – were really good, I think, but this one, titled “Deathkult”, which Revel In Flesh shares with Feral, is I think the best of all three. Really! Already the artwork and layout for this single looks the best; I love the cover art, but also the use of golden logos / letters… just the entire fold out booklet looks fantastic. And as for the music, I was quite curious about Feral, as I haven’t had a chance to listen this band before, but I also wondered what will Revel In Flesh serve us this time, because unlike the two songs from previous split – which were recorded at the same time as “Manifested Darkness” album - this is a completely new, recently recorded track.
But I started with Feral. I have never heard their “Dragged to the Altar” album, sadly, but I will definitely need to try to get a copy, as the song from this split is… KILLER!!!!!! It’s titled “As the Feast Begins” and for me it is just a perfect, classically sounding Swedish death metal tune. First and foremost, I think that the sound of this song is spotless, I literally think that the way these guitars and everything else sounds here is so powerful that it can really blow some heads off. Fuckin neat. And the song is also awesome, it doesn’t lack anything. It has a great riffng, groove, is brutal as fuck and more so, it’s beautifully memorable. Do you need anything else? NO! I dare to say that all maniacs of the Swedish death metal will love this perfect tune. I do and now I am thinking what should I do to get Feral’s debut CD and demos? I am very intrigued.
Meanwhile Revel In Flesh – as always – pays tribute to the classic death metal scene from the early 90’s… and if you don’t know what are their favourite bands and albums, then I recommend you reading the lyrics for their song titled “Deathkult”. It says everything, I think. Musically I suppose this is one of the most vicious and fast songs of the band and definitely it is way more uncompromising and brutal than the more atmospheric song from the Puteraeon split EP. But yeah, it starts fast, then it slows into more Grave-ish rhythm and as overall I can say that I like this song a lot.

Final rate: 90/100

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