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Vomitory - Revelation Nausea

VOMITORY - Revelation Nausea (METAL BLADE - CD 2001)
In one of my previous reviews I have praised Vomitory for being one of the best death metal bands at the time of the late 90’s / early 00’s… Remember, it was the time when this style was music wasn’t in the best form and has been somehow putted into the second rank, giving a way to black metal, so not many really killer death metal acts were active and managed to record seriously destructive albums. With “Redemption” Vomitory proved that it was still possible to play damn brutal and neckbreaking death metal, with lots of fast and utterly uncompromising tempos, while maintaining the dark, creepy atmosphere and with many absolutely memorable and instantly killing riffs. “Redemption” was excellent and then Vomitory released their third album “Revelation Nausea” and I still don’t know which of these two records is better, as both kill without mercy and both are just splendid, supreme death metal albums.
I guess it would be easiest just to say that both are equally damn good. And let’s stick to it then, as really “Revelation Nausea” provides such an intense and brutal dose of death metal, with every song being just an instant classic, that I really find it hard to point there any weaknesses on the whole album. Actually when reviewing “Revelation Nausea” I just can repeat many sentences from my review of “Redemption”, as “Revelation…” pretty much follows the path of its predecessor, both musically and quality wise, but one thing I need to say first – I feel like this third album is even more intense and even faster than the previous effort. It is sheer brutality, fast and merciless death metal attack… but I love the fact that it isn’t a pointless noise and useless wall of sound of unreadable riffs. This music is still pretty memorable, with almost catchy riffs (in death metal way of corpse) and really great deep growls of Erik Rundqvist, who took over the vocal duties from Jussi Linna, who left the band between the two albums, which I mentioned already. “Revelation Nausea” isn’t also a constant blast, no way; the band has varied the whole music wisely and there are few mid paced songs (which sometimes remind me Bolt Thrower; he nice!), but my general feeling is that the fast parts are even faster and the whole album is even more brutal than its predecessor. Just listen to the title song and then “The Corpsegrinder Experience” (killer title… it says everything I guess! Blast, blast, fuckin blast!)… what a savage, ferocious music! I guess these two songs along with “Beneath the Soil” and “The Art of War” are my favourite (I also really like “When Silence Conquers” with its marching drumming and great Bolt Thrower-ish old school slow and heavy death metal!), but really the whole album is excellent and doesn’t lack anything… if only the brutality is what you seek, not some melodies and sweet harmonies then this is album for you hehe!
Standout tracks: “Revelation Nausea”, “The Corpsegrinder Experience”, “Beneath the Soil”, “When Silence Conquers”
Final rate: 85/100

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