Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ebola / Inferis - Split EP

Damn, I’ve done it again… About three years ago I sold my almost entire 7”EP’s collection (over 150 EPs, with many rare titles released in the early 90’s), as I was moving to a new apartment and city, my wife was pregnant and we needed some extra money… I decided to sell all my 7 inches, as in new apartment I somehow couldn’t find any room for them (which was funny, as the place is bigger than the one we lived before hehe!) and then I also told myself: “from now on I won’t be buying any EPs; it is just a waste of money for 10 minutes of music, especially as so often these singles are so damn expensive”. Three years later my collection of 7”EPs grows again, there are already about 40 titles collected, mainly released in the past three / four years, so it seems I just couldn’t keep a promise to myself, which is sad hehe. But what can I do if they keep releasing so many awesome seven inches, with so many cool bands? I just couldn’t resist. And so, I’ve done it again… I’ve purchased yet another 7”EP. This one wasn’t even planned to be picked up, but I decided to do that by the pure curiosity. It is a split EP of Inferis from Chile and Ebola from Poland. I know both bands pretty well, but I won’t call myself their biggest fan. They’re just two solid death metal war machines, which I support. It felt like a good idea to check what these two bands would have to offer on a split release and damn, I don’t regret getting this small piece of wax as the music simply shreds.
Ebola is the biggest surprise for me. So far this band never managed to fully convince me with their music. I remember that years ago I got their “Suffering and Pain” demo for review and it was just very harsh, badly produced, not too impressive stuff. Then there was a cool split CD with Bloodthirst and finally “Infernal Revelation” CD… that album was really killer, but somehow it disappeared in the flood of other stuff, which I have been listening to. I don’t think I’ve listened to it more than just a couple of times and last time it was probably about five years ago… this is maybe why I also skipped “Hell's Death Metal” album from 2011. Anyway, on this split EP Ebola offers a track titled “Waiting for Death” and I must admit it is really cool and I am glad that it reminded me how great Ebola is. I really mean it; I remember Ebola for being totally uncompromising, violent and merciless death metal band and maybe “Waiting for Death” isn’t as fast as “ZG Slaughter” or other songs, which I barely remember now, but it is good anyway. Mid paced, heavy and very old school – this is how Ebola sounds. And if you’re into bands such as Master then you should pay attention! These Poles give us also a second song, which is a superb cover version of Unleashed’s best classic “Before the Creation of Time” – and after listening of it I have no more questions. So powerful, so energetic, so well executed… I have just been torn apart and slaughtered... I know now that I need to exhume “Infernal Revelation” (maybe I can get the LP version??) and also purchase “Hell's Death Metal” immediately.
Now the Chileans from Inferis… I only just finished listening to their new album “Obscure Rituals of Death and Destruction” and I still cannot find all my limbs after being mercilessly massacred by their ruthless death metal. “Cosmic Conjuration” doesn’t differ from the album, in that aspect… even if it begins with quite calm and peaceful theme, soon the violent and ultra fast, chaotic death metal erupts and you know there won’t be mercy and time for afternoon tea. The production may be very crude and the music chaotic, but it is also very powerful and energetic, so I cannot say anything bad about Inferis. Together with Ebola they created a killer split 7”EP and I must recommend it to you all. It’s limited to 250 copies, so be quick… or be dead.
And this week I bought three another 7”EPs… Fuck.
Final rate: 78/100

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