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Turin Turambar - Rzeczpospolita Czartowska

TURIN TURAMBAR - Rzeczpospolita Czartowska (Self released - promo CD 2013)
I remember that some time ago I got an album titled "Corona Regni Satanae" of Polish project called Túrin Turambar and I must honestly say that it was quite challenging listen for me – which didn’t finish with a happy end, as simply I didn’t like it so much, the music being too weird and bizarre for my taste. Anyway, I’ve remembered the band’s name, because it is led by Ataman Tolovy – guy who’s also shredding the bones in bands like Stillborn and Genius Ultor (and who also did some fine artworks for other Polish bands). 2013 brings us new recording of TT, fantastically titled “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska” – how great it sounds! And while in the beginning I wasn’t too excited about having the opportunity of listening to it, the first spin of the CD changed my feelings towards TT. Why? Well, the music turned out to be just very, very good; better than I would expect, so I am happy that it turned out to be such a great surprise.
But first I was really curious about the album’s title... You would need to know a little bit the Polish history, but everything here begins to fit together like puzzles. The first album was titled "Corona Regni Satanae" – and in Polish medieval history there was something like “"Corona Regni Poloniae" – crown of the kingdom of Poland. These were the times of I think XIV-XV century… Now the second album is titled “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska” and it is an obvious mockery with “Rzeczpospolita szlachecka” – which was a Republic of Poland from XVI century… And I don’t need to translate the word “czart” or “tchort”, right? Ataman Tolovy plays with Polish history a little bit, mockers with it, but I like the idea a lot, especially knowing how catholic this country was and unfortunately still is… This almost sounds like satire of it! You can then only imagine what the lyrics are like… they’re all in Polish, so not many of you will understand them, but I can tell you that they’re written excellently, and are as bizarre as some lyrics of Furia. You just have to be Polish, to get the point and understand how unique they are.
Now to the music of “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska”… well, some of you may be misled by the unfortunate description of TT as “experimental black metal”, which someone putted on Metal Archives… In reality it has nothing to do with the music on “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska”. This isn’t anything like Aborym, Blacklodge or whatever… I don’t even know if I can call it black metal at all… for sure though there are some elements of this music on “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska” and especially the atmosphere of it will be close to some black metal releases. Somehow the music of TT, with its oppressive mood and dark, haunting atmosphere reminds me some other Polish bands like Morowe, FDS – so also quite characteristic bands, with unconventional music and vocals, which you won’t find anywhere else. Yeah, the music is very uncommon, so I won’t bother myself with boxing it into any metal subgenres. All in all there are elements of many of them, combines into one weird hybrid, which for some will be very difficult to digest, while some others will enjoy it right away. I was blown away immediately and unlike the previous album “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska” convinced me right away. OK, to give it the justice it doesn’t mean I liked everything what I’ve heard. There are some moments or couple of songs, which I liked less, especially that bizarre “Rok olimpiady”, “Autodefenestracja” or “Jazda”, which sometimes have the riffing close to an absurd (or a result of jamming when being stoned), but they have its meaning and proper place on the album, so I don’t really mind listening to them as well, especially as they make the whole album more diverse and interesting… Besides, such moments are luckily just few... Some of you may also feel pushed away by Ataman’s vocals, but personally – maybe because I am Polish, so I know what he is singing about? – I like them a lot; great raw sound and arrangements, awesome lyrics... what else can I want? Generally both the riffs and vocals fit together perfectly and create something extraordinary and unique, especially in term of the mood of this music. Call it cold, evil, disturbing or sinister, or sick and schizophrenic… whatever sounds good to you. The music is often slow, hypnotising, cold and minimalistic, but it works well enough for me.
There are some moments of calm ambience, but also quite energetic and aggressive songs like “Zima skuje nam mordy”, “Kobieta z zamkniętymi oczami” (thrashing like a maniac!!!), “Oddaj każdy komu chcesz“ – and they are my favourite tracks from the album, but really I find the whole CD to be truly involving and interesting. I am actually quite surprised that none of the labels were interested in releasing it officially… well, the devil will burn them, as they don’t know what they’ve done. I must also point out the production of the album, which is harsh and almost rehearsal like, but in good sense of this word – meaning organic and giving me an idea of a band playing live. This is – as the description on the website says – metal roaring poetry… and I like it!
Oh, let’s me add that just at the time, when I got “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska” and have been listening to it, TT has released two new materials: “Brud. Smród. Ubóstwo.” (some influence from Revenge, speaking of the title for it??) and “Boży plan zniszczenia”, so Ataman works hard and is very productive person. He actually wrote me that some of his new songs are punk – whatever that means… Anyway, “Rzeczpospolita Czartowska” is really good and for sure I will try to get “Brud. Smród. Ubóstwo.” as well (if it ever will be released).
PS> That Tolkien influenced band name is also very misleading... Maybe they should change it; maybe for Czart or Diabeł?
Standout tracks: “Zima skuje nam mordy”, “Kobieta z zamkniętymi oczami”, “Oddaj każdy komu chcesz“
Final rate: 80/100

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