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Authorize - story

Everything started already in the Autumn 1988, so quite early, when the band called MORBID FEAR was created in place called Söderdala. The guys that formed MORBID FEAR were Larssa Johansson – guitar / vocals, Patrik "Putte" Leander – bass, Micke Swed – drums (he and Micke both knew each other for quite some time and even tried to play in a band before MORBID FEAR, in school group called SWEET NIGHT) and Jörgen Paulsson – guitar, although at the beginning they tried different vocalist, who soon quit and was replaced by Larssa (they even tried to record a demo with him, but the result was more than bad). In autumn of 1989, after playing some gigs, the band recorded another demo, hugely inspired by legends like TESTAMENT and SLAYER, and this one turned out much better, although nowadays it’s completely unavailable. The real debut, something that was promoted in the underground, was a demo tape called “Darkest Age” which MORBID FEAR recorded in April 1990 at FS Studios. The tape was released in about 200 copies and contained few thrashing compositions; the band didn’t have much – if had any at all – similarities to the typical Swedish death metal. Anyway the demo got small attention for MORBID FEAR within the underground. But after that the band decided to change the moniker for AUTHORIZE – all because of the
similarity of their old moniker to MORBID ANGEL. After few more gigs (one with THERION and CREMATORY) an offer for the split 7”EP comes. AUTHRORIZE puts “Darkest Age” song, nicely rearranged, shortened and re-mixed. The split EP was released by OPINIONATE! Records in 1990 and the bands it included were also NIRVANA 2002, APPENDIX and FALLEN ANGEL. In the meantime Thomas "Bizzon" Ek joins the band as vocalist, giving much rawer and deeper vocals comparing to what MORBID FEAR had on their demo. AUTHORIZE changed their style quite much then – it wasn’t SEPULTURA / PESTILENCE / EXODUS influenced thrash metal anymore, but the music became more brutal death metal. The band got then a contract from PUTREFACTION Records to do an album, so AUTHORIZE entered FS Studios again in January 1991 and with producer Bror Tornell a debut full length was born. It was titled “The Source of Damnation” and surely it was a great step forward for AUTHORIZE. Although it has three songs from the demo you’ll hardly recognise them as they’ve been played in completely different way and totally rearranged. First of all they’re really slow! Second, they’re damn heavy and massive; brutal and slow again! Anyway, this was the last sign of AUTHORIZE existence. Right after this CD the band just split up. And maybe it’s for better that it happened like this, as I’ve heard that the band really wanted to experiment bit more, their drummer – Micke Swed – even played jazz and wanted to put that into their music. So, maybe we’ve avoided another “Spheres” – like album. In 2006 Chilean ARSENAL OF GLORY re-released “The Source of Damnation” on CD, including also MORBID FEAR demo. It’s great that they wanted to remind fans about AUTHORIZE. Also in 2010 CRYPT Records has unleashed a wonderfully looking vinyl version of “The Source of Damnation” with “Darkest Age” demo and 7”EP songs as a bonus. All packed in killer gatefold cover, with huge poster and high quality print and music. A must for the collectors for sure.
The Source of Damnation (CD 1991 – PUTREFACTION Records / THE CRYPT LP 2012)
Recorded: Recorded at F.S Studio January 1991. Produced and Mixed By Bror Tornell and AUTHORIZE.
Recording line up: Larssa Johansson – guitar, Patrik "Putte" Leander – bass, Micke Swed – drums and Jörgen Paulsson – guitar, Thomas "Bizzon" Ek - vocals
Review: AUTHORIZE from Söderdala surely is not the most popular and exciting band from the old Swedish death metal scene. I think that there will be quite few maniacs that don't even know them; I also discovered this band maybe in 2009. But what can you expect, if originally “The Source of Damnation” was released by small PURTEFACTION Records in probably hilariously small number of copies and this version of the album costs fortune now. But even the 2006 re-release from ARSENAL OF GLORY (which includes demo material as a bonus) isn’t that easy to get (I’m not sure if this isn’t a bootleg?). Luckily I managed to bought the vinyl pressing from the mighty The Crypt Productions - as always vinyl from this label looks just amazing. Anyway, it’s good to finally have a chance to listen to this album and include another Swedish band among the eternal favourites from that scene! And that's because surely AUTHORIZE doesn't disappoint. The intro may be too long a bit, but suddenly “Silent Nocturnal Symphony” attacks and I get to know really cool Swedish band, which doesn’t really sound like your typical Swedish favourites. To my opinion AUTHORIZE reminds such acts like BANISHED, ASPHYX or early MORGOTH, which is great I guess – with the difference that the Swedes like to put also some melodies here and there. Well, there may be one Swedish act, which AUTHORIZE could have taken some influences from. I’m talking about the very early THERION. Such track as “Broken Hypnosis” brings me back the feeling similar to the one I love from “Of Darkness…” LP. Do I like it? Fuck, you bet I do. Especially the song I just mentioned – it’s really great, even has keyboards and wonderful melodic fragment in the middle part (surprisingly the same song recorded under the moniker MORBID FEAR doesn’t sound even half as great ha, ha). But basically every track here is solid and brings massive, even memorable tunes. Like “Subconscious Nightmare”, with its slow and damn heavy chorus part and epic ending or “God of Christianity”, which is quite slow and sounds like damn ASPHYX!!!! Most of the songs are played in similar, mid paced or even slow tempos, what can seem bit monotonous to some, but that’s not true. The atmosphere of the recording is really dark and horror-like, so definitely I can say there’s nothing missing here. It’s also worth to mention that this album has nothing to do with the AUTHORIZE demo’s more thrash metal style. Even the songs that are “re-recordings” of the demo tracks sound completely different and I doubt anyone would recognize them if they didn’t have the same titles. AUTHORIZE was then just completely different band and even if I don't like the "Darkest Age" demo, then “The Source of Damnation” is simply yet another jewel from the early 90’s that I join to my collection.
Best song: “Broken Hypnosis”, “Subconscious Nightmare”
Final rate: 80/100

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