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Hellspawn / Hateful / Impureza - Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Demence

HELLSPAWN / HATEFUL / IMPUREZA - Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Demence (NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST - Split CDr 2006)
Back in the early to mid 00’s I used to get quite many releases from a French label called Nihilistic Holocaust. I must say that I’ve enjoyed most of them and really liked that idea, which Gabriel – the guy behind this small label – had and which was to run a totally non-profit label, which was just helping to some cool underground bands to spread their music around the world. So, Nihillistic Holocaust was taking some demos and usually released in form of split tapes, CDs or CDRs, always keeping the DIY spirit and just sent them anywhere, i.e. to every fanzine possible. I think that one of my favourite releases from NH is this 3way split CDR, titled “Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Demence” (of which NH supposedly send about 3000 copies, which is not bad at all!). Released in 2006 it featured three really cool underground death metal bands and I think I can say that this release was a real feast for the maniacs of the underground death metal. So, what we have here are: Hellspawn from Poland (featuring their “Demo 2005”), Hateful from Italy (with their “Promo 2005”) and Impureza from France (two demos, from 2005 and 2006). Three bands, each performing slightly different kind of death metal, but each really good at what they’ve been doing. Since this split release is I think quite unknown, I think it’s cool opportunity to introduce it to you. What do you think?
As I already mentioned “Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Demence” presents three different death metal bands and I must say that I have quite a problem to point out one, which I like most. And that’s because each had something great to offer and each was really good at what they’ve been doing. I guess, from purely patriotic reasons, I would mention Polish Hellspawn as the most lethal band of the three. They play really aggressive and brutal, fast death metal, one which takes equally as much from Vader as it does from some US bands like the recent Deicide, Malevolent Creation or Morbid Angel… and yeah, this demo from 2005 was maybe not exceptionally fantastic, but surely a solid piece of music. Their death metal was dense, brutal, fast and relentless, quite simple, speaking of the technical aspects, as luckily the band wasn’t showing off with their technical skills too much, but rather concentrated on making the music as straight forward and relentless as it is possible. And yeah, I like it. Maybe the vocals could have been better, sometimes I feel like the guy had not much idea what to do with his deep growls, but anyway, the music is good. Definitely Hellspawn is the most uncompromising band from “Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Demence”. Meanwhile Hateful from Italy brings their three tracks from “Promo 2005”. This was actually the only demo recording, which this band has ever done, I think, as few years later, in 2010, they’ve released a full length album “Coils of a Consumed Paradise”. I’ve never heard this CD, but its front cover looks familiar, so I’m sure I’ve read about it somewhere. Anyway, as for the “Promo 2005”, I must say that Hateful played some absolutely great songs here. Their death metal is again very fast and brutal, maybe slightly chaotic here and there, but I like it a lot, maybe even more than Hellspawn. It reminds a bit of Sinister, old God Dethroned or Sacred Sin, so you should know what to expect – pure death FUCKIN metal.
From all three bands, which you’ll find on “Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Demence”, French Impureza seems to be the most original band, although I cannot say that I like their music as much as Hateful’s for instance. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good, but maybe sometimes a bit too weird, for my personal taste. They play their death metal in more technical way, with many extras thrown within their song structures and with many quite unusual ideas. I guess I should mention that Impureza uses acoustic guitars here and there and what’s more, being very influenced by Spanish culture – they even have Spanish lyrics! – they play some oriental scales and flamenco acoustics here and there, like in that awesome song called “La luz de la la luna negra”, which surely is the best track of this band on this CD. It does sounds a bit weird sometimes and surely it takes few listens, before you’ll understand what the hell is this band about, but I think, speaking of originality, Impureza surely did a good job on both their demos (they used two demos here: “Ruina de la penitencia” from 2006 and “Y Correra Tu Sangre” from 2005 as a bonus). Sometimes they sound like Nile, other time like Immolation (similar kind of repetitive, fuckin heavy riffs), Mithras and Gorguts… all in all, with such songs like the one, which I mentioned above or “El predicator” Impureza proved to be classy band. The only thing is, if you’ll like those flamenco guitars, as surely it is not something for everybody… All in all, it’s worth checking this band out, even if it’s pure curiosity.
Final rate: 75/100

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