Friday, 15 November 2013

Silesian Black Attack – Krew Ziemi Czarnej

Silesian Black Attack – Krew Ziemi Czarnej (WITCHING HOUR - CD 2012)
Compilations? Hmm, usually I would just say “no, thank you” to them… Hardly any compilation CD / LP is worth of the attention, but obviously there are some great exceptions like “Nordic Metal – tribute to Euronymous” or classic “Projections of the Stained Mind”. But these are two of very few examples. And I think the same can be said about cover / tribute albums. But here’s one more awesome compilation, which I think is truly worth of the attention. It has been released by Witching Hour Productions in 2012 and is titled “Silesian Black Attack – Krew Ziemi Czarnej”. Now, some of you will ask what were the aim and concept for this compilation? It is pretty simple – it gathers black metal bands from the Polish region of Silesia. I may understand that the knowledge of many foreign readers about Silesia region will be small or close to zero, but to give it a short description it is enough to say that it is located in the Southern Poland and belongs to the most characteristic regions in the country, not only for its industry (with a lot of coal mines, etc), but also for its history and even for its diversity and speech. This region has always been very important for metal music in Poland. Here the biggest metal fest was taking place (Metal Mania) and many most important bands were located. And through the years it hasn’t really changed, and Silesia with cities like Wrocław and Katowice is still very important place, with many events, bands, zines, etc. “Silesian Black Attack – Krew Ziemi Czarnej” compiles black metal bands from this region.
This isn’t a compilation of the best what Polish black metal has to offer. Obviously it skips bands, which are not located in Silesia and so you won’t hear here Mgła, Kriegsmaschine, Infernal War, Medico Peste and few more… but still what you’ll find on “Silesian Black Attack – Krew Ziemi Czarnej” will be enough to catch attention and impress. What I personally like about this compilation is not just the list of bands, but also fact that the label and everybody involved in it made sure that there will be only exclusive material from every participant. And that makes it very special! You know, what use would it be if this CD had ten bands and ten songs, which you can find on their albums or demos? None! Instead what we have here are eight black metal bands and eight unknown songs.
Everything begins with Furia… and well, if you know this band’s albums and their concept, then you may know how big impact is Silesia region having on their music and lyrics. This band breaths and lives with its atmosphere and characteristics, so this is why it is just a perfect opener for “Silesian Black Attack – Krew Ziemi Czarnej”. And they’re followed by Iperyt, Diabolicon (the only band from this CD, which I wasn’t familiar with), Morowe, Mastiphal, Besatt, Voidhanger and Massemord. Great tracklist, really… I do admit that maybe couple of songs are not so good, for instance I didn’t like the song from Besatt (“Tam”), which is just boring as hell. Also Massemord has disappointed me a little or maybe I just had too big expectations after them, but other than that this is just excellent material. Furia is the best I guess, but also Voidhanger really fuckin slays. I must say that it also impresses how diverse are all these bands – each just sounds different, but somehow everything works well together. And that says a lot about the quality of music here. Strongly recommended compilation then… don’t miss your chance if you want to hear what Silesia has best to offer.
Standout tracks: Furia – “Nieżyt”, Morowe – “Dziurawy świat”, Mastiphal – “Rituals”, Voidhanger – „ Savage Land Chopping Spree”
Final rate: 90/100

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