Friday, 14 July 2017

Autopsy - Severed Survival

AUTOPSY - Severed Survival (PEACEVILLE LP 1989)
No, I don't have first press of "Severed Survival" vinyl. I don't even have the old picture disc of it. But I have the 2009 pressing (Peaceville) and that's all what matters for me – to have any copy of the killer Autopsy debut LP at all, because I could not imagine someone's vinyl collection without this fuckin classic record in it! It's a godly album, so fuckin influential for numerous bands. I doubt the scene would ever be the same if "Severed Survival" was never recorded! Think of the Swedish bands and how much influence Autopsy had on them! So, how can I ever be objective towards such a classic album then? Can I even dare to review it? Naahhh, but I can write few words of adoration and show my support for it! 
Funny thing is that I can't actually say that "Severed Survival" is in my list of top five of the best death metal records of all time. I probably wouldn't put it there, because there are some other albums, which I love more. But I worship this record anyway and it's close behind. I like how disgusting and truly ugly this music is, how terribly loathing it may sound to the average people. But this is the charm of it. The music has sort of punkish simplicity, everything is almost primitive, so different to the usually more technical and more brutal and faster US death metal style. But these neanderthal riffs have such a great impact on the listener that you actually do want to grab an axe and... well, chop some limbs off and fill the bowls with bowels. The vocals are like vomits, Chris Reifert is puking out some gory lyrics and he sounds sick as fuck, but such vocals fit everything perfectly. The guitars are raw, bass is very well audible (played by Steve Di-fuckin-Giorgio from Sadus!) and I like it how it sounds on the album... The production is muddy and obscure, but it works fantastically well for this music. And the best thing is that despite all its filth and gore, with all the blood and putrid smell that soaks from the speakers, it's unbelievable how often "Severed Survival" sounds catchy and memorable. Some of these riffs are fantastic and belong to the best you'll ever hear on death metal album. They sometimes don't sound typically death metal, sometimes they can be a bit doomy, other time quite crusty... but they've been played the brutal death metal way! And they do crush. 
It's one of those albums, where you just can't pick up one songwhich would definitely be number one (OK, for many it may be "Ridden With Disease"… I personally don’t know!).  Let's rip the guts out with the killer riffs from "Charred Remains", "Ridden With Disease", "Disembowel", "Impending Dread", "Embalmed", "Severed Survival", "Pagan Saviour" and so on... Such a great tracklist. I know though, which track is the weakest - I think it's "Stillborn", but it's very good anyway. This music is fantastic. And so is everything around it – horrid artwork, although I have to say that I prefer the "censored" artwork version with the surgeon. It's so cool. And the lyrics, all filled with tales of gore, horror and insanity... For example I love the idea for the title track's lyrics, which tell about being stack on an island with no food, so you slowly cut your limbs and eat them slowly, hoping for several survival. Finally you cut your throat as there's no survive for you! 
Standout tracks: "Charred Remains", "Ridden With Disease", "Disembowel", "Impending Dread", "Embalmed" 
Final rate: 90/100 

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