Friday, 14 July 2017

Gruesome - Fragments of Psyche

GRUESOME - Fragments of Psyche (RELAPSE 7"EP 2017)
have rather mixed feelings for an idea of doing a tribute kind of band, where you basically want to copy the achievements of another band and even make your own versions of their classic records. "Hey, let's do our "Leprosy", then maybe "Spiritual Healings"!!!!". And now the new EP has been announced as "Human" style release. Hmm, not sure if there's any point in doing that. do listen to bands that are hugely influenced by band X or Y daily - but many of them try to make something own, instead of being a simple copycat. So, it all is questionable and we can discuss it over a beer or ten and opinions will be many. But the truth is that what counts the most is the music. And if I had any doubts for Gruesome, then their music crushed them. This band fuckin kills. Yes, they do play like Death on their best records. But they're really damn good at it, the quality of their music is superb. 
"Fragments of Psyche" is the newest Gruesome release. It's a 7"EP, with just two songs: the title piece on side A and cover of... guess who... on side B. "Fragments of Psyche" is killer. Yes, it sounds a lot like "Human", with its almost progressive style of riffs and truly exceptional leads. Plus the insanely precise and complex drumming (with Sean Reinert as a guest drummer for this song!). The performance is simply 10/10 from every band member. And I love how such music correspondents with a vicious and beastly vocals of Matt Harvey. I am quite surprised to like these riffs and everything so much, also because I'm not a big fan of "Human". But Gruesome did killer job, I have to say, and it all sounds spotless. Side B, as I mentioned, contains a cover. "Choke On It" is very well performed, no doubt. We can read in the liner notes that Gruesome tried to "Human'ize" this song a bit, make it sound like it was from "Human" rather than from "Leprosy". An interesting idea for sure. All in all, I have to admit that I've listened to this EP many times with great pleasure and "Fragments of Psyche" is one of Gruesome best songs for sure.  
This is probably the first time I also decided to use the download card from the vinyl. Why? Because the digital version, just like CD, contains a bunch of bonus tracks, with the demo versions of some earlier Gruesome songs. Check them out, cause if you liked the more savage stuff from the previous albums, then you will love it for sure. Funny thing is that usually when we hear "demo versions" then we really think of raw and demo quality recordings. These "demo versions" sound as good as the album versions. But I do like it.  
Final rate: 80/100 

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