Friday, 14 July 2017

Gods Forsaken - In a Pitch Black Grave

GODS FORSAKEN - In a Pitch Black Grave (SOULSELLER - CD 2017)
Let me say first what band I'm going to introduce to you. It's Gods Forsaken. No, it's not the old Finnish death / doom band God Forsaken (who did a pretty solid album "Dismal Gleams of Desolation", but that was in 1992!). Gods Forsaken are Swedish and it's pretty new project, formed by Anders Biazzi (Just Before Dawn, Blood Mortized). He's been joined by Brynjar Helgetun on drums (Just Before Dawn, Megascavenger and more Rogga's band, etc) and Jonny Pettersson (WombbathAshcloud, Henry Kane). So, all familiar faces are here and guys, who really keep the death metal scene in Sweden alive. This year Gods Forsaken came up with their first recording, which is "In a Pitch Black Grave" album for Soulseller Records... and yeah. People who love Swedish death metal should open their eyes and wallets immediately and get this CD or LP right now. People, who never cared for this sort of sound can skip the rest of review, because Gods Forsaken won't be for them. 
Thing with albums like "In a Pitch Black Grave" is that no way we can say that such record can surprise us with anything. Everything about this music is pretty foreseeable and has been done many times before. We are all familiar with characteristic sound of the Swedish death metal, with that lovely buzzy, but heavy and sharp guitar tone. Death growls are also specific to the Svensk Dods Metall. And obviously the music is a typical mixture of aggression, heaviness and obscurity with atmosphere and melody. It's often fast as hell, but it can also sound quite doomy and mournful. We all know this very well. So, you can obviously ask yourself, if you need "In a Pitch Black Grave", if you already have 123213 similar albums in your collection, right? Well, in case of Gods Forsaken I have to say that you better get it, because this album is just damn awesome and I think it would be a mistake if you missed it. I know that we cannot say that it's anything new or extraordinary. And some people will say that they are fed up and bored with so many similar releases... Who cares. I am not. I love this style of death metal, I love this sound, these melodies and mutilating riffs. I can recognize a lousy and unworthy album from one, which actually hits my musical G-spot like crazy banger and give me thrilling experience. And I believe that "In a Pitch Black Grave" is such an album. It's great quality death metal, filled with fantastic songs and great band performance... and this is why I think that all fans of this sort of shit need to grab a copy of it. 
"In a Pitch Black Grave" obviously comes with whole range of different types of playing. You'll find here fast and neckbreaking tracks like "Born of Blasphemy" or slow and almost melancholic pieces like "Ashes of the Dead" or "Souls Torn Apart". For me personally "In a Pitch Black Grave" sounds fantastic from start to finish. The variety is one positive aspect, another is how memorable and almost catchy this album is. I feel like every song was crushing me with its sheer energy and power, and each was an invitation for maniacal skull-banging. A lot of these riffs sound great and I have to say that those blasting parts are my favourites. But I am always also really looking forward to hear melodic and monumental parts in Swedish death metal, so this album gives me everything. The quality is awesome all the way through, I feel like this album is very easily listenable and just damn fuckin good. So, while Blood Mortized split up, it's good that Anders quickly came out with another superb project. I have nothing else to desire, but I just need to grab this album on vinyl also, it's essential for me. So, very recommended and strong release! 
Standout tracks: "In a Pitch Black Grave", "Born of Blasphemy", "Ashes of the Dead", "An Odyssey of Broken Bones" 
Final rate: 80/100 

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