Monday, 17 July 2017

Hell's Coronation - Antichristian Devotion

HELL'S CORONATION - Antichristian Devotion (GODZ OV WAR Productions MC 2017)
Damn, I didn't think that I would like this release so much. This is only a debut release from Polish Hell's Coronation, a demo titled "Antichristian Devotion", released the good old fashioned cassette way by Godz ov War Productions. And what you can hear here is a very archaic, obscure and doomy black metal, performed the raw and ancient way. Don't expect it to sound nice and too polished. No, it sounds like recorded in fuckin bunker, in the middle of nowhere and in absolute darkness this tape should be played. Hell's Coronation music evokes evil and grim, cold aura immediately and has that old school black metal feel, which so many current black metal releases sadly lack. Yes, such music could have been recorded 20-25 years ago and if it was, then it would be praised. 
I have to say that I like that it's mainly slow paced, almost kind of doomy black metal, like on Samael debut, Rotting Christ or some other cults. Hell's Coronation plays simplistic riffs, but they really are memorable and this is maybe why the music is easier to listen to than you would expect. But I like these riffs, the song structures, all these things like bells, keyboards, ravens, which Hell's Coronation puts into their songs... and which may be a cliché, but which really sound cool and help to create that dark, almost evil atmosphere. It's great also that the band does include some more melodic parts here and there, it only makes the music sound more interesting, especially when combined with the whole obscure aura and great, croaky vocals of Zepar. You'll find just three tracks (plus an intro) on "Antichristian Devotion", but believe me, this is great stuff and I have played this cassette many times in recent days. "Throne of Eternal Perdition" is probably my favourite song, I love its malicious sound. I strongly recommend it then, I know that "Antichristian Devotion" will be also released on CD soon, so if you won't get one of these 100 tapes then another format will be available. Get it! 
Standout track: "Throne of Eternal Perdition" Final rate: 80/100 

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