Monday, 3 July 2017

Death Like Mass - Jak zabija Diabeł

Damn, this is great stuff! I actually missed Death Like Mass' debut release, titled "Kręte drogi". I do regret it, but obviously I added this CD or LP (both versions are still available) to my evergrowing "wantlist", so I am sure that I will buy it sooner or later. Meanwhile I finally got a chance to listen to Death Like Mass, when Under the Sign of Garazel Productions delivered their newest recording, aptly titled "Jak zabija Diabeł". There are only three songs on it, but it was enough to make great impression on me. I am even more happy to see that Death Like Mass are killer Polish black metal band. It is another proof that our scene - both death and black metal - are among the strongest in the fuckin world! 
So, three tracks are here... First couple of songs - "Jak zabija Diabeł" and "Fausta ciemna noc duszy" - are simply excellent. I love this cold, malicious and insanely vicious type of black metal, which often is fast as hell, but has also enough room for different type of ideas. So in such "Fausta ciemna noc duszy" you'll find also many slower parts, even kind of melodic themes... and these things never get rid the music of its sheer intensity, aggression and insanity. The variety of riffing in this song is impressive and truly from start to finish it sounds great. But the other song I mentioned above, the title track, is pretty much very similar, with the same diversity of type of playing, tempos, emotions and atmosphere... And the same killer quality. Only the third song "Abominacje" is different, as not only it's shorter than the other two pieces of "Jak zabija Diabeł", but it's entirely focused on chaotic and ultimately fast riffage. So maybe this is why I also consider it as the weakest element of the entire EP. But in case of Death Like Mass weaker doesn't mean bad. This is great band. I like the production of this EP, fantastic vocals from Pestiferous Preacher (also in Cultes des Ghoules) and the artwork. The riffage is incredibly strong through the whole EP, the atmosphere is evil and venomous. All quite alike to such Mayhem. What else can we want? Very recommended black metal filth then, dare not to miss it! 
Standout track: "Fausta ciemna noc duszy" 
Final rate: 85/100 

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