Saturday, 22 July 2017

Vomit Angel - Sadomatic Evil

VOMIT ANGEL - Sadomatic Evil (ANCIENT DARKNESS Productions CD 2017)
Vomit Angel is a new band formed by the same demons who are / were also in bands like Ogdru JahadPsychomorphisSadomator and Sadogoat. To be honest, I am not a big fan of these bands. Maybe Ogdru Jahad is OK, but such Psychomorphis is just a pile of crap for me. I truly didn't like their demo tape, it sucks and will be used as coaster rather than ever played again. Musically Vomit Angel stays closer to such Sadogoat, so this music sounds like a total ejaculation of the most primitivebestial riffs and vomits under the fuckin moon. Yes, "Sadomatic Evil", which is the first recording of Vomit Angel, is anything but clean, fancy sounding and memorable metal recording. 
The production is very raw, this shit sounds almost like a better quality rehearsal recording. And I bet that the so called Goatfarm Studios is the rehearsal place for Vomit Angel, not a proper recording studio. But the sound quality is OK, I have to say, the music sounds very brutal and obscure, but at least you can hear all these instruments, vocals and riffs. Oh yeah, the riffs. Vomit Angel - within their black / death metal niche - comes with very primitive and simplistic type of stuff. It's almost like some Neanderthal metal, you know? Three or two accords, simple umpa-umpa drumming... It almost annoys me, to be honest. It's like stupid primitive music, which you can't even treat seriously and song like "Cotard" is the peak of ridiculousness. I see such songs as useless. No, actually I see the whole release like this EP as useless, because it's just shit.
Most of this stuff sounds like the drummer learned just one type of rhythm, so the guitarist plays just one type of riffs. And what can the vocalist do, other than just scream his evil lyrics in the same manner? I get quickly bored. Luckily "Sadomatic Evil" is just 18 minutes short. There are some quite cool riffs, I like when such bestial death / black is slow paced, more doomy, because then the atmosphere gets really malicious and bleakTwo or three tracks have such slow pieces that blow head off, "Time Travel" contains one and it's the best fragment of the whole EP for example. EP also contains two Sadogoat covers, but I don't care. If you like stuff like Blasphemy, Revenge or Archgoat, give Vomit Angel a listen. I hardly ever listen to such stuff, as all these bands sound the same for me and hardly any can truly impress me... Vomit Angel's "Sadomatic Evil" is very mediocre effort I am afraid, I doubt I will be coming back to it that soon. 
"Sadomatic Evil" was released on all formats - there's tape (Headsplit Records), CD (Ancient Darkness) and LP (Iron Bonehead). Get yours, if you like this sort of stuff. 
Final rate: 50/100 
And just look at that band pic. Ain't that a joke? Not funny though.

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