Thursday, 15 March 2018

Poisonous / Daemonic - Death Apparitions of the Damned Souls

POISONOUS / DAEMONIC - Death Apparitions of the Damned Souls (CRYPTS OF ETERNITY Productions - CD 2017)
This is another killer Crypts of Eternity Productions release and another one, which forced me to play it really, really a lot. Released on 12" vinyl first, later also on slim digipak (limited to 300 copies only!), "Death Apparitions of the Damned Souls" is pure death metal feast with two killer bands participating - Poisonous from Brazil and Daemonic from USA. 
And Poisonous are first. Their previous release, "Perdition's Den" album, is an absolute crusher. I fuckin love this record. It's been a while since it was released and since I played it last time. But who counts, when it's great to see this kommando back in action. We have three songs here - one of which is "Bestial Devastation" cover!!!!! It's very well done, but I prefer their own tracks, especially "Dead Beyond Death", which is just super - fuckin - awesome. Poisonous has great riffs, I like this brutal, but old school death metal style with dark, vicious feel... Of course, their music is soaked in the South American style, with that intensity, violence and evilness, which is so characteristic for many bands from thereBut there's also a lot of US influence and in such "Dead Beyond Death" there's one fantastic slowed down fragment, which even reminds me the old Swedish metal of death!!! So, think of that, mixed up with Headhunter DC, Sadistic Intent, Immolation, Mortem, Vital Remains... and be sure that it's just a killer stuff, one of the best SA bands ever, in my opinion!! Now, maybe it's about time to get new album out, guys? And I also need to find a copy of "Coronation" 7"EP, it's just must to have for me! 
Now Daemonic. I honestly have never heard this band before, I can see that they only did a couple of demos in 2009 and 2012 prior to this split, so it's not surprise that they're so little known. But it will change soon, I think, because Daemonic also came up with very solid death metal. Maybe not as good as Poisonous, in my opinion, but worthy for sure. Their songs are slightly rawer, when speaking of production, and stylistically they're very close to the early Immolation - whose song "Of Martyrs and Men" Daemonic covered - and Incantation. The beginning of "Illusion of Faith" may be even too close to "Those Left Behind", but who cares. Daemonic are good, again I can hear some killer riffs in their music (especially in "Those Utterly Lost", love the opening part of it), the atmosphere of their music is really evil, blasphemous and sinister... I definitely enjoyed their part of "Death Apparitions of the Damned Souls" and hope to hear some more Daemonic stuff in the future. 
Very worthy split then! Would you mind and grab a copy before it's too fuckin late?! 
Standout tracks: "Dead Beyond Death", "Those Utterly Lost" 
Verdict: 75/100 

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