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Destroyer666 - Violence Is the Prince of This World

DESTROYER666 - Violence Is the Prince of This World (MODERN INVASION Music - CD 2001)
We can discuss here, why (or if) is the Australian scene so special and why the majority of bands from there sound so fuckin raw and bestial. But I honestly don’t care for the reasons, it would just be a waste of time. But I do have to admit that if you call yourself an extreme metal maniac then you just have to love some acts from there, especially Destroyer 666!!!! This is such an awesome band, surely my favourite act that ever came from fuckin Australia. They unleashed several killer records, some awesome EPs… And it all started with this phenomenal MCD “Violence Is the Prince of This World” that Modern Invasion Music released in 1995. It definitely belongs to my favourite D666 releases. It’s quite shortly stuff (although my CD has some bonus tracks), but it’s so powerful and vicious like only very few other bands have managed to be.
If I was going to describe this music with one word, then I would just call it barbaric. But other suitable words that would tell you what is this music like are savage, morbid, ruthless, fierce, harsh, violent and so sweet and powerful that every song is a devastator. The CD starts with bits like “An Endless Stream of Bombers” or “...True Sons of Satan” which remind me even some Absu records, for the unique blend of black, death and thrash and really fantastic harsh vocals. Later we have such “Death Metal Winds (Howl Again)” which is just fast old school motherfucker. And finally we have two best songs, “Song for a Devil's Son“ and amazing “The Eternal Glory of War”. The latter is definitely my favourite, for its fantastic riffs, vocals and awesome chorus part that makes you scream with the music every time you hear it. Yeah, so this is why “Violence Is the Prince of This World” is such a crushing stuff and from start to finish it is just a pure pleasure to listen to it. D666 is a band which always had that great passion for old school, raw sounding metal and skills to come up with excellent riffs that would combine death, black and thrash metal in their classic forms into something unique and unbelievably vicious. And KK Warslut is such a great frontman. Everything is played on full speed, but obviously there are also some slower pieces that sound heavy as hell… and finally, the whole music is memorable and infectious. “Violence Is the Prince of This World” is a winner, in my opinion!
The bonus tracks on my 2001 CD version are mostly the same songs from EP, repeated in different versions, so it’s rather an uninteresting addition, although a song called "Destroyer" does bring attention, as it’s kind of “exclusive” track here. All in all, this CD is totally recommended.
Standout tracks: “The Eternal Glory of War”, “Song for a Devil's Son“

Final rate: 90/100

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