Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Binah - A Triad of Plagues

BINAH - A Triad of Plagues (Me Saco un Ojo Records - 7"EP 2014)
Would you believe that I have “Hallucinating in Resurrecture” vinyl since two or three years and still have not played it more than three times maybe? I criminally underrated Binah, a mistake I am going to fix sooner or later (all because of the overcrowded old school death metal movement and too big number of such releases that appear these days!). And I started recently with Binah’s 7”EP “A Triad of Plagues”. I played it more than just once and I have to say that this is some seriously crushing stuff. Yes, finally I admit that Binah is a band that deserves your support.
“A Triad of Plagues” consists three songs and I can say that even if it’s not the most original or innovative stuff, this is killer music anyway. Binah obviously have a strong Swedish death metal influence, like the production is quite in the vein of Scandinavian death metal, as well as some riffs... but I would not end up calling this band just a plain copycat of Svensk Dods Metall, as it’s more like just old school, traditional death metal in general, with influence from some British, American or Dutch bands as well. All together, this is just very solid and worthy material. The first song “Rupture of Silence” strikes with no remorse, massacring with fuckin sweet, deadly riffage, great vocals and just a nice, dark aura. It’s quite fast (but no blasts!) and vicious! Next up is “Hemipteran Maraud” and it is very short outburst of aggression, but personally I’ve never liked such sort songs so much, as they usually have not so much to say… I mean they end up just too soon, this one though sounds more like continuation of “Rupture of Silence”, speaking of the tempos and riffage. Side B’s “Torpid Blight of the Spirit” is a pure delight and pleasure for old school death metal maniacs. This song is really good again, much slower and not so uncompromising as those from side A, with quite mouldy sound and eerie aura. Very nice, indeed, even if it lacks the aggression from side A’s songs!
So, this EP is maybe nothing outstanding and it’s not the best death metal I’ve heard in recent years, but I can say that Binah belongs to those bands that you should not hesitate to check. They’re solid and good enough for sure. And I finally have to give some more spins of “Hallucinating in Resurrecture” vinyl.

Final rate: 75/100

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