Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Graveyard / Nominon - Graveyard vs. Nominon split 7"EP

Carrying on with Graveyard split 7”EP, here’s one they did with Nominon! It’s a second Nominon / Graveyard split actually. The first one they did was released in 2012 through Cyclone Empire and it was sort of Candlemass tribute release, as both bands recorded Candlemass covers for it. And they sounded amazing. Three years later both bands meet again, this time under Doomentia Records banner and again pay tribute to a classic band, this time to Motorhead. Wow, nice idea and I hope both bands will continue it with more such great tributes. With this split I was a bit worried, as I’ve never been a Motorhead fan, I like some songs, but never have been hugely into the band. I am lucky though that in case of this split both bands didn’t disappoint and did great covers.
Let’s start with Graveyard and “Deaf Forever”! OK, I this song I know well, so maybe this is why for me it’s a nice, easily listenable cover tune, with great, catchy riff and simple structure. Again the band played their song in more death metal manner, the vocals are harsher, the sound is also quite raw, with a guitar tone taken straight from the classic Swedish death metal… and it sounds nice. Ha, who would think that Motorhead song can be performed like that? Of course it’s very alike to “Orgasmatron”, my favourite Motorhead song, and we all remember killer covers of Sepultura and Satyricon, but “Deaf Forever” is also excellent and quite unique in my opinion.
Meanwhile the way Nominon played their cover of “The Hammer” is even more characteristic. On one hand, the band has kept the classic rock’n’roll feeling of Motorhead intact, the song is filled with the rock energy and even the sound is quite like the old stuff. But it also has that metal feeling and harshness added, with quite black / thrashy vocals (sort of like in Aura Noir) and more vicious, fast playing, so the band also managed to make something interesting and their own from the old Motorhead classic.
Well, I am not sure this time, which of these two covers I like more, they both sound damn good, but also different… it’s just crazy stuff and even a non Motorhead dude – like myself – can enjoy it deeply.

Final rate: 85/100

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