Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Graveyard / Crucifyre - Split 7"EP

Some time ago I bought three (!!) split seven inch vinyls, which all feature Spanish Graveyard! Damn, nice activity from this band, almost comparable to Revel In Flesh, who also appeared on quite many split EPs lately. And well, I hope I don’t need to remind you that Graveyard belongs to my favourite bands from the old school death metal genre. They simply kill and so all these releases were must have thing for me. And now I will try to review them all…
…and I am gonna start with the most interesting split from these three... and this a Graveyard / Crucifyre split, released in 2015 through War Anthem Records in 500 copies. Well, this is awesome split where each band is presenting a cover tune. Graveyard actually surprised me by choosing Darkthrone’s “In the Shadow of the Horns”! Ha, you would probably never expect a black metal classic from them, right? But damn, what a nice, killer cover it is. I obviously love old Darkthrone and Graveyard did everything perfectly with their version, played it very well, kept the dark, obscure feeling of it, even if the production is quite clean. And I suppose they did this song in their own way, especially with the lower and not that shrieky vocals. It just sounds great in my opinion.
And Crucifyre came up with Morbid Angel’s “Funerals”!!! First, I am not such a big Crucifyre fan, to be honest, I think their music is OK, but nothing more than that. Secondly, what a great choice for Morbid Angel cover!! You would expect a more well known track, right? Surely not one, which I think has never appeared on any demos or albums, but the only recorded version of it I know of is the one released on a bootleg vinyl split with Slaughter Lord. What makes it a damn rare, but still fantastic tune! So, I can only congratulate Crucifyre for such a great choice and reminding us this rare, forgotten track. And damn, their performance here is just so killer! It starts with David Vincent’s presentation of the title from the original live recording and then all the hell breaks loose and the furious, old school morbid death metal begins. With the KILLER production and all these awesome, vicious riffs and fantastic sinister vocals Crucifyre actually reminds me bands like Degial or Invidious… but take that as a compliment, as they’re all brilliant. And well, “Funerals” is surely the best stuff I’ve heard from Crucifyre, it’s also a winner for me on this seven inch.
Great stuff.

Final rate: 90/100

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