Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Graveyard / Redimoni - The Procession of the Gravedemons - The Ultimate Profanation

GRAVEYARD / REDIMONI - The Procession of the Gravedemons - The Ultimate Profanation WITCHES BREW Split 7"EP 2014)
This is the last of the three Graveyard split 7”vinyl releases that I bought lately. This one was released by Witches Brew in 2014 and together with Graveyard you’ll find here a Spanish thrash metal band called Redimoni.
And I will start with them, as I want to clear things out asap – in my opinion they are the weakest band I’ve heard on any split vinyl with Graveyard so far. Their music – which is old styled thrash – does not convince me at all, is boring and unimpressive and completely forgettable. While the first song “Annihilate Without Mercy” is still decent, then the second one “Mesmerized by Fire” is just crap, with some of the worst vocals (and arrangements) I could think of. So, for me personally this side of the split is unremarkable and does not stand well aside the other band, also because they do not fit stylistically.
I’ve never written anything bad about Graveyard music and I won’t do this also this time, even if what they offer on this split is just an old song from “Into the Mausoleum” demo, re-recorded. It’s a shame it’s nothing new really, but on the other hand this time this song got a killer proper production and without changing it much, it finally sounds just as it should always had to. This is old school death metal, with killer riffs, dark atmosphere and some very nice ideas and arrangements, especially with the use of (sort of) church organs, which have been mixed louder when compared to the old version of this song. Yeah, definitely the second part of “Into the Mausoleum” song sounds truly amazing and I love the obscure, horror aura of it.
This EP was something I had to get for collection, just because Graveyard is such a great band, but it’s a shame that Redimoni was not able to catch my attention. Hopefully this is the last time something so weak has joined Graveyard on the split release.

Final rate: 70 / 100 (only for Graveyard though; Redimoni would get 50/100 at the most)

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