Thursday, 31 December 2015

Incinerator - Death Descends

INCINERATOR - Death Descends (Self released demo 2015)
There have been quite few Incinerators in the past. I should still have the Swedish Incinerator’s demo somewhere on the shelf, but I also have a killer 7”EP from Dutch Incinerator, which was released not so long ago by Wolfsbane Records. Yeah, their “Human Garbage” was absolute crusher. But this one here is Incinerator from Poland, with their debut demo “Death Descends”. It’s nicely released on CD (I like the artwork a lot!), I am not even sure in how many copies, but for the debut it looks cool for sure.
And it sounds also good. It’s solid brutal death metal, with a nice old school touch. I can smell a strong influence of old death metal scene, from the very early outputs of some legends like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, even some old Pungent Stench. Why not? It’s that nastiness and filth in Incinerator music that brings me such comparison and instant attention. Of course the songwriting is still far from perfect, but it’s decent, with some nice, shredding riffs, some blasts and nice mid paced bits. The vocals are fine also. And the production is quite harsh an maybe it could have been better, but again – for a debut demo it is good enough. I actually like the guitar sound a lot, as it reminds me for example the guitar tone on very, very old Deicide. Oh, just listen to “Heart Infarction” and you will know what I mean.
And that’s it. This demo has four vicious tracks and is a nice start for this young band. I am definitely looking forward to hear more from the in the future.
Standout track: “Heart Infarction”

Final rate: 69/100

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