Thursday, 17 December 2015

Evoked - Return of the Dead

EVOKED - Return of the Dead (Go Fuck Yourself Productions MC 2015)
This cassette was a complete blind buy, but I thought that the sample of one song sounded good enough to get interested in Evoked. And damn, I am so happy that “Return of the Dead” is in my hands and I can listen to some crushing old school death metal. Yes, again, but why the hell not? If it’s good, then it’s worthy, no matter how many times we’ve heard it before. This tape was released by Go Fuck Yourself Productions (nice name!), there are two versions, on white and black cover, both limited to 150 copies each. So, not so many. But as I mentioned, Evoked is really awesome and I am more than happy to have a copy.
This demo is just four songs, which this German duo (consisting of Bonesaw and Artilleratör), has recorded in January 2014. But each track is a real crusher and I like it totally. This old school death metal reminds me such acts like Repugnant or Verminous, but you can easily put here also very early Tiamat, Nihilist, Autopsy, Possessed, Morgoth, early Death or the thrashing demo era of Pestilence. Whatever… It all sounds like it’s been recorded more than twenty years ago, somewhere in the fuckin bunker (although I like the production a lot, even if it’s far from being perfect). The riffs are like relentless slaughter, cutting sharp and aggressive, the aura is just evil and obscure. I love the crude howling vocals, they sound truly fuckin awesome and the music is pretty simple, but surely not primitive. Evoked likes to use the classic song structure formulas, which would sometimes include a nice, memorable chorus – sort of like bands like Verminous and Repugnant do as well – and it always works great. The title track or “Last Moan” are maybe the best songs, but I think that the entire demo just kills. And I have nothing against to hear more such awesome sounds from Evoked as soon as possible. I’m on the hunt for their 4-way split 7”vinyl now!
Standout tracks: “Return of the Dead”

Final rate: 85/100

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