Saturday, 24 October 2015

Mortuous - Among the Lost

MORTUOUS - Among the Lost (DAWNBREED Records - LP 2015)
Some labels never disappoint. Dawnbreed Records is one of them. They search for some killer death metal filth that hides in the darkest shadows of old graveyards and usually they don’t miss. They also didn’t miss with Mortuous from US, who until now were completely unknown band to me. But they’re not a band of some newcomers, as there’re some ex-Exhumed and Dekapitator plus some other bands members in the line up. First they came with “Mors Immortalis” demo 2010 and then with “Demo 2012”, which is titled “Among the Lost” and released on fantastic piece of vinyl by Dawnbreed.
This demo LP catches attention right away, with fantastic artwork and killer logo, which reminds me the old Rottrevore logo. With such a nice artwork, it just must be good haha. And it is, perfectly fitting my taste and worship for old styled, traditional death metal. With such music I am not so demanding, to be honest. I don’t expect ultra fancy shit or whatever. What I do need is just a bunch of excellent, blood freezing riffs, powerful, classic sound and some great guttural vocals. And all that I can hear on “Among the Lost”. Most of the music is played in slow, creepy tempo that has a strong Swedish death metal vibe, combined with sort of Finnish heaviness and blasts to add even more aggression and extremity to the whole sound. Add to that some Bolt Thrower-ish and Asphyx stench plus a necessary dose of US death metal (Incantation) and here we go, that’s Mortuous. But mainly it’s that Swedish sound, similar to Grave, (old) Unleashed etc, which blows away the speakers. Mortuous has great, heavy riffs, they catch some harmonies here and there also, what makes the music more memorable… I like all songs here, there’re no weak or boring pieces, so it’s almost a shame that this vinyl ends so quickly. But I hope to hear some more from Mortuous in the near future, as certainly this is a band worth of our support!
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Standout tracks: ALL

Final rate: 90/100

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