Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Prophet - Dying

THE PROPHET - Dying (Musica Production CD 2015)
Russia? I honestly must say that for years this country didn’t exist for me when speaking of great metal scene having some awesome bands. Luckily, it has changed lately and these days there are actually some great acts there, like for example Pseudogod, Pyre, Chamber of Torture, Trigger or Grond. And here’s another great discovery I did, with The Prophet and their new album called “Dying”. Damn it, what a nice album it is, what a great listen! I truly enjoyed this CD and listened to it a lot in past few days, so I am very happy to hear such awesome stuff. Surprisingly, this isn’t their first CD, as The Prophet also has two other full albums (from 2011 and 2013) and even an EP, so I am not really surprised to hear such a high quality stuff from them, although it is not so common to hear some great metal from Russia! Now I wish to find copies of their previous albums also!
As for “Dying”, musically The Prophet sounds very Swedish and you would probably never guess they’re Russian. But unlike many newer bands, which pay tribute to Dismember or Grave, The Prophet takes the influences from more melodic acts like early In Flames, Sacrilege, At the Gates and more so, I also hear many similarities to melodic, but aggressive stuff like A Canorous Quintet, Decameron and Ablaze My Sorrow – do you remember those bands? And even Dissection! The Prophet is maybe less blackish than them, but have a lot in common for sure. And damn, it sounds awesome, with great diversity, aggression, fast and slower stuff, some melancholic pieces as well – this album has everything! Great songwriting, a lot of catchy, memorable riffs and melodies, awesome fast pieces (which I like the most) and finally the acoustic song (“Amid the Fogs of Nothing”) and song with a piano (“Last Mourning Waltz”) which are simply beautiful. The album is filled with killer songs, instantly catching my attention and breaking neck when forcing maniacal headbanging. I sincerely cannot say anything bad about The Prophet, their music, the sound they got on “Dying” and everything else.
Yes, The Prophet guys are great composers, they came with excellent album and to be honest, it’s been years since I heard anything like this, comparable to A Canorous Quintet, etc. So, I recommend this fantastic album totally, you just need to get a copy, believe my words.
Standout tracks: “On the Path”, “Killers”, “Dying”

Final rate: 80/100

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