Monday, 19 October 2015

Radiation Sickness / Cardiac Arrest - Split EP

Another split 7” vinyl from FatAss Records... and just as it was in case of Gravehill / Necrofilth, we have here two bands, which I know by the name, but never had a chance to hear any albums or demos or whatever. But better late than never, as they say and I must admit that I am very glad to have this split, as it’s just damn nice release.
Of the two bands, I definitely enjoyed Cardiac Arrest’s music more as their filthy, sludgy and doomy death metal is killer! They have one song here, titled “Reduced to Ruin” and I have no idea if their whole repertoire is in the same vein, but if so, then this must be one of the heaviest death bands out there in the US! It’s very much in the vein of Autopsy, but strong, massive, with good songwriting, which may be damn rough and gloomy, but is somehow also memorable, maybe just because the riffing and drumming are all pretty simple. Very good song from Cardiac Arrest, who also presents Mortician’s “Three On a Meathook” cover and that’s so much faster, but still fitting very well to the previous song that I must say I am very pleased with their part of this split EP. It’s surely a band I need to catch up with, they have like four full length albums released, so there’s lot of shit to grab.
As for Radiation Sickness’ side of the split, it’s good as well! Their music is way faster when compared to Cardiac Arrest’s, especially the second track “Legions of the Deranged” is just a blasting, grinding motherfucker, which I like a lot. Both tracks are filled with brutal, uncompromising and violent death metal. It’s sick and disgusting piece of music and you know, to name your band after Repulsion classic track must mean something good, right?!

Final rate: 80/100

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