Monday, 19 October 2015

Worms - Worms

I am not surprised that Chile has so many earthquakes if they have such a crushing extreme metal scene, filled with great bands all over the place. And here’s another one that I discovered a while ago with a debut cassette from a band called Worms! This tape was released on Till You Fukkin Bleed, but I know there are actually two versions of this demo; one from TYFB for Europe and one is I think released in South America. Anyways, the music is very nice, I must say. It has this old school vibe, which these days we hear from so many bands, but somehow Worms sounds different to your usual Swedish or Autopsy wannabies. They have this South American feeling (that guitar tone!), of old 80’s extreme death albums that you don’t hear so often anymore. And Worms even have Spanish lyrics what gives the music even more vicious and exotic aura. I like it. And the more I like how the music blends some aggressive, nasty death metal pieces with some melodies and very nice slower pieces, what all gives dark, obscure atmosphere in the music of Worms. “Orgia”, which is maybe the best song here, has almost a doomy vibe here and there, smoothly switching into ravaging old school death thrash. One of the characteristics of Worms music is their tendency to put long guitar leads that go along normal riffage even when the vocals are in, what gives truly sick and insane feeling. I may not be the biggest fan of those, but it doesn’t spoil the listen and Worms is surely a nice discovery for me.

Final rate: 70/100

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