Friday, 9 October 2015

Necrofilth / Gravehill - Split EP

NECROFILTH / GRAVEHILL - Split 7"EP (FATASS Records - EP 2015)
Fatass Records. What a nice name for your label haha! But they don’t sell XXXL size pants, but some extreme fuckin music. I noticed that this label is mainly oriented towards the most extreme stuff, like grindcore and brutal death metal, but I also managed to find something for myself there. And this is a nice split 7”EP, which was released recently. Two bands are here and it’s funny that I know both only by the name, but never actually had a chance to listen to some music. Until now…
So, I start with Necrofilth. Their “Swine Lord” sounds so fuckin obscure and dark, damn! It’s really well played, rhythmic tribute to the grim lords from Celtic Frost / Hellhammer, nothing else! The riffs are just so damn characteristic, so great. They add some more lively D-beat somewhere as well, so it’s cool mixture and I can say that this is really great song, although it took me a while to get used to these pissed off, harsh vocals. But now I can say it all sounds good and it’s my favourite of the two vinyl sides. And the second band is Gravehill. I am surprised that I still haven’t heard their music, as they have albums released for Dark Descent. Their music is even more vulgar and violent, it’s totally fuckin aggressive take on old school thrash / black / death / whatever. Their song “Stench of Hades” is quite fast, quite messy also, but for fuck sake, if you like to hear some old Slayer mixed up with Venom, Sodom and black metal then this may be for you. Maybe not the most impressive, but surely a nice song
Both bands also deliver a cover song; Necrofilth performs “Violent Children” by The Stains and Gravehill took Extreme Noise Terror’s “Fucked Up System / No Threat”. I don’t really like these covers so much, not my style of music at all, so for me they’re just fillers to this EP. But the original songs of both Necrofilth and Gravehill and nice, yes! And the artwork for this EP – excellent!

Final rate: 70/100

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