Friday, 8 July 2011

Demonic Slaughter and Escarnium albums on Hellthrasher Productions...

Here're the news from Polish Hellthrasher Prod:

The stunning new album from DEMONIC SLAUGHTER called Revelations of Death
 is their 3rd and best material to date. Really groundbreaking black metal with early 90s death metal influences from the one of the best polish gems of this genre, ready for the worldwide expansion! Perfectly built and crafted monolith of atmosphere, cold hatred, nothingness,
whirlwind of icy melodic riffing , blasting drums and evil, agonizing vocals.
Also on the label... is:
Hellthrasher Productions has just started a cooperation with Escarnium from Brasil - a band founded by Victor Elian (vocals, guitars), a former member of currently non-existing Impetuous Rage,Later known as Poisonous. We release their EP "Rex Verminorum" on CD inlcluding 3 brand new tracks + 4 songs from Covered in Decadence demo in total length of about 30 minutes.
Great material! Escarnium combines South American acts such as Krisiun, Rebelliun with Scandinavian DM. Full length debut album scheduled for the first half of 2012.

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