Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Indignity - Realm of Dissociation

INDIGNITY - Realm of Dissociation (SLIPTRICK Records - CD 2017)
Brutal death metal is not my thing, to be fair. I can't find anything what would really interest me in this kind of music and maybe except very few exceptions, this kind of stuff mostly sounds boring and annoying to me. Sorry to say. I just don't care for too many brutal death metal bands!! But well, here's a brutal death metal band with their debut album. Indignity are Polish and I did have a chance to hear their previous recording, which was a demo titled "Decrepitude". 2017 brought us a release of their full length "Realm of Dissociation" and for the past few days I've been trying to get into this music and find something worthy in it. Well, I have to say that maybe this is not my favourite style of death metal, but surely Indignity have some killer riffs and good quality. There's nice heaviness and crushing feel to every song they presented on "Realm of Dissociation", I have to say that I'm also quite positively surprised to hear such a powerful and massive production, which surely helps these songs to have even stronger impact on the listener. I'm also glad the music is not too technical for my taste. I mean, too often brutal death metal bands come up with riffs, which are just a bunch of bullshit, with hundreds of notes, but not real sense or feel. Indignity surely doesn't play simplistic death metal, but it's just on the edge of my tolerance haha. And basically, if you dig some Cannibal Corpse then "Realm of Dissociation" should be a nice offer for you. 
As for myself... I quite like it, yes, but to be honest, I just hate some of these hoggish vocals, they're as stupid and annoying as terrible. I could never understand why brutal death metal bands decide to use such kind of growl, can't they understand it just ruins their music? Other than that though, I think that "Realm of Dissociation" is fairly solid and enjoyable slab of brutality. 
Verdict: 65/100 

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