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Doombringer - Ancient Abominations

DOOMBRINGER - Ancient Abominations (Pluton's Rising Productions - CD 2012)
First time I’ve listened to any music from Doombringer was when I got their amazing EP titled “Sevenfold Pestilence”, released back in 2012. I must say that Doombringer really impressed me with the dark and sinister blackened death metal and they quickly became one of my favourite Polish bands. Obviously I decided to check some more info about the band and then I discovered that it is a new project of some (ex??) Bestial Raids and Cultes des Ghoules members – which are two much respected Polish bands in the worldwide underground. I’m not surprised then that the quality of music of Doombringer is so great. Anyway, my next encounter with their ghastly sounds was the split 7”EP with Goat Tyrant, which again proved that Doombringer is able to create a stunning, freezing atmosphere… and then I have found “Ancient Abominations” compilation. I’ve found it one day in the distro and decided to order. This red digipack release contains two Doombringer demos: “Abhorrent Dreams of the End” (from 2009) and “Primeval Sorcery” (from 2008), so it definitely is a nice addition to the collection, especially as both tapes are quite difficult to obtain nowadays.
And I must say that “Ancient Abominations” really possessed me for few days and Doombringer once more showed me how great potential they have and how awesome is their music. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we? And the beginning is “Primeval Sorcery” demo. I must admit that this demo recording may actually be my least favourable release from all Doombringer materials. It surely is the most primitive and savage of all their recordings, it is utterly simple and raw, but I don’t want to say that it is uninteresting or something, as it is still very solid and interesting release, musically I think Doombringer was even more black metal here than death metal and for sure right from the beginning of their existence the band was able to capture the essence of darkness and evil. For example I got impressed by the opening part of “Crossing the Path of Final Rite” straight away; what a killer riffing, great rhythm, what a brilliant, dismal and malevolent atmosphere… Oh, it is an enormous pleasure to listen to such sounds. And then also “Bones of Sorcerer” really crushed my…hmm, bones, hehe, I especially like that killer doomy riffing, which opens the song. Wow, it truly sounds grim, but the whole song is over eight minutes long, so there are more good moments in there. All in all Doombringer from their first demo was able to impress and if you’re into such bands as Acheron, Beherit, Incantation, as well as into the old Greek scene, then this demo will surely be something for you.
But the second demo of Doombringer, titled “Abhorrent Dreams of the End”, is even better! First of all, I like the production of it more. It feels like such sound fits the band’s style more and truly I must admit that I am impressed by the whole demo a lot. Already the opening track is something huge, even if in many ways “Descending into the Pit” is more like an intro – it begins with some church organs or something and then a slow, doomy riff bursts and the vocals howl: “descent… down there… windless stairs… downwards…”. Oh, what a great atmosphere. I must say that I have a feeling like the music of Doombringer was played in a chamber or even a church, where they desecrate and profanate the once sacred place and shred it into the dust. This is what I meant, when I wrote that the production of this demo fits the music perfectly, as it gives this impression of abyssal, dark and evil blackened doom death metal. It is almost like some sort of horrid mass or ritual! The whole “Abhorrent Dreams of the End” demo has some truly crushing songs and along with the opening ritual, I must mention the title song – which has some absolutely great riffs and utterly freezing mood. I especially like that part with the keyboards! Then “…of the Ancient Curse” impresses me every time I listen to this song – it is quite fast in few parts, it even has more harmonious break in the middle part and in general this is just a damn impressive and memorable anthem. And finally “Darkside Calls”… Aaarrghhhhhh! Is it my favourite song from this demo? I guess so, the riffing in it is truly possessing and the atmosphere once more is just evil and ritualistic. It is impossible to resist it and I don’t even try – KILLER song.
I must strongly recommend this compilation CD to the fans of Samael, Acheron, Beherit, Varathron, Necros Christos, Grave Miasma, Antediluvian, Mitochondrion and the likes… I can assure you that Doombringer is equally great and if you like all those bands, which I mentioned and pick up some bits and pieces form them all and glue together then I am sure you will know what is the sound and style of this Polish horrid form. I feel impressed and possessed and cannot wait to hear the debut album of Doombringer, which is going to be released by Malignant Voices soon, I hope…
Standout tracks: “…of the Ancient Curse”, “Darkside Calls”, “Abhorrent Dreams of the End”
Final rate: 89/100

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