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Centinex - Diabolical Desolation

CENTINEX - Diabolical Desolation (NORTHERN SOUND - LP 2001)
I was afraid that it will have to happen eventually; sooner or later every band must record a disappointing album (only very few never did)Centinex had killer first few years, great album after great album and then “Diabolical Desolation” happened. This album is nothing more, but a very mediocre and rather forgettable record. And when compared to the previous albums, it feels like a disappointment for sure. For me “Diabolical Desolation” is the first weak link in the hellish chain called Centinex. Not their last also, I’m afraid. 
Of course, one may wonder why I think so, if basically all the aspects of “Diabolical Desolation” follow the well-tried patterns from the previous albums. It’s not like Centinex started to play power metal all of a sudden (they’re not Afflicted he, he). You’ll find here the sharp riffing, many fast, blasting parts, as well as lots of the traditional for Swedish death metal melodies. All these things were present in Centinex before and I always loved the band for ability to keep everything fresh, aggressive and totally interesting. Why do I complain now then? The reason is simple – this album doesn’t bring that certain quality I expected. And simply sounds boring. 
Yes, I think that “Diabolical Desolation” is boring. There's a whole bunch of mediocre songs, which are much more melodic than Centinex's older material and lack aggression or energy, which characterized some of the earlier albums. Their focus on melody is much stronger here, they even decided to include couple of clean vocals and fuckin keyboards, which ruin already shaking foundations completely. I find all these keyboards as completely unnecessary and useless, to be honest. They don't make the music sound any darker or more atmospheric. I have the feeling like someone brought them into these songs just for the sake of having them here, without really thinking what is the purpose for them. 
“Diabolical Desolation” is overfilled with too mellow parts, what basically softened their style totally, in many fragments the band start to sound like fuckin At the Gates, Gates of Ishtar or other such Swedish melodic death bands and that’s a disappointing to me. Where did their pure death metal vitality, the sinister feeling and ferocity go? Songs sound very repetitive. Too often you could feel like hearing the same type of riffs over and over again, so after a while you start yawn. Really. Your snooze is occasionally interrupted with songs like "Forthcoming Terror", "Soulcrusher" or “The Bloodline”, where I could finally find something more interesting, even blasting at neckbreaking speed parts. But there are also such poor pieces like “On Violent Soil” or the title track, so.... 
...So, even those "better" songs are nothing exceptional and killer. Just a bunch of good songs, that's it. Which is why the entire album too quickly starts to be monotonous and joyless. It's not a complete failure, I'm sure that some fans of melodic death metal from Sweden may like it. I prefer Centinex's earlier stuff. 
Standout tracks: "Forthcoming Terror", "Soulcrusher", “The Bloodline” 
Verdict: 60/100 

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