Monday, 9 June 2014

Markiz de Sade - Jeckyll and Hyde

MARKIZ DE SADE - Jeckyll and Hyde (Self financed demo 2014)
Markiz de Sade is Polish heavy / thrash metal band, which originally was formed way back in 1984 and then split up in 1987, only to return in 2008. Old, old history! Back in the 80’s they’ve released only one demo, while now in the 00’s they already have couple of demos and a full length album, so this is a serious comeback, not just the one off thing. And “Jeckyll and Hyde” is the newest recording of Markiz de Sade, made four years after “Sen Schizofrenika” album and after some serious line up perturbations. And the band sent me a copy of the demo for review, so here I am listening to their music… And to be honest, I’ve never actually listened to Markiz de Sade music before, but I knew what sort of music they perform… And well, I also knew that it may not really be my cup of beer… and I was right hehe!
I don’t want to say that I don’t find anything entertaining in “Jeckyll and Hyde”. First off, I really like the production of the demo, which I think fits great to such thrashing metal devastation. Nice guitar tone, cool drums… Yes, good! Then there are some truly fine and great riffs, in basically every song there’s a part, which I really like, especially in the title song or in “Radio”… but then there are also many moments of boredom, especially when Markiz de Sade goes into slower or more melodic playing. And finally I really have some doubts about the vocals. It really takes time to get used to them, but also I don’t think that every part sang by the only original Markiz member Andrzej Mrowiec, is that good and sounds right… Sometimes his voice is almost annoying. Not terrible, but also not quite in my taste.
So, all in all, “Jeckyll and Hyde” has its ups and downs. Some cool, thrashing, sharp as razor riffs, but also some disturbing vocals and moments of boredom. All together, the demo contains four tracks and I am happy about that, as a longer material would be more difficult to swallow by me. I guess though that die hard thrash maniacs may like it way more than I do.
Final rate: 60/100

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