Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bestial Raids - Reversed Black Trinity

BESTIAL RAIDS - Reversed Black Trinity
I don’t hide the fact that the so-called bestial war black / death metal or however you call it, has never been my truly favourite thing. OK., there are several bands from this music, which I like a lot, but most are irritating me, because like no other subgenre of metal, this one gathers lots of useless crap, dickheads, who have nothing interesting to say and more so, this music becomes repetitive and boring like no other. Not to mention the fact that so often it is just unlistenable due to chaotic, primitive production (but that again depends on the music – if the music is good and fits such production, then it can be something truly killer). So, only very few bands are there, which I honestly like… And Polish Bestial Raids is one of them! Yes, I am mostly a fan of their second full length album “Prime Evil Damnation”, but both demos as well as the debut LP “Reversed Black Trinity” are also truly killer.
And here I want to write some words about “Reversed Black Trinity”. But this review will be rather short, as such music doesn’t need many introductions and too many words of wisdom to describe it. If I simply call it total black metal devastation, sonic annihilation, chaotic and barbaric, violent black / death metal, composed by many vicious, fast and chaotic means with horrid, ghastly vocals, then it will be enough. Of corpse “Reversed Black Trinity” is not fast all the time, there are many killer slower parts, which for me are the essence and best pieces on the album, especially such as the chorus part in “Unholy Spirit Diabolos”, with the words “rise… rise… rise… Diabolos!” – that just sounds awesome. But “Reversed Black Trinity” has more such phenomenal moments… and all in all I just worship this evil, obscure atmosphere, which Bestial Raids creates in their music. For me their music is way more interesting than 99% of the bands from this style and I don’t really care whether you agree with me or not. I say so also because the production here is raw and filthy, but not too primitive… it is heavy and powerful and you can still understand what Bestial Raids is playing. And such anthems of death as “Unholy Spirit Diabolos”, “Throne of Satanas” (killer opening theme!) and “Order of Doom” are just killer. Enough! Submit to Satan, obey the Beast!
Standout tracks: “Unholy Spirit Diabolos”, “Throne of Satanas”
Final rate: 80/100

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