Sunday, 1 June 2014

Cemetary - Incarnation of Morbidity

CEMETARY - Incarnation of Morbidity (BLOOD HARVEST - 7"EP 2014)
Living in the times of endless stream of re-editions is something you can either love or hate… Personally, I’m totally into it, as this way we can get some old and sometimes even forgotten or incredibly expensive stuff for good price and in new great packaging. So, I can only praise some labels for what they’re doing with these ancient relics. And here is one such case of a great idea and definitely a worthy material to put on the vinyl. All in all, is there anyone who wouldn’t like the early Cemetary? Doubt that! And Blood Harvest had a killer idea to put on a seven inch vinyl their debut demo “Incarnation of Morbidity”! Yeah! Getting this demo in original cassette version is probably just impossible, so now we can listen to this amazing recording on another proper and fine way. And for the entire 7” vinyl I can see maybe only three minor faults. One is that they mixed up the sides and so the song from side A is on side B and the other way around. And the other fault would probably be the fact that I expected a little bit more from the booklet for the vinyl. Obviously there is a nice, extensive and long interview with Mattias Lodmaln, which I have read with a lot of interest. But maybe I hoped to see some more archive photos (as there are only very few of old Cemetary photos, which circulate in the internet, so they are all quite rare). And finally two things are missing – a scan of original booklet for the demo and the lyrics. But these are just minor faults, everything else is just superb!
And the music… I just love it. For me it is 10/10! You know, nowadays there are many bands, which play the old styled, classic Swedish death metal, but I feel like hardly any can really match the atmosphere, not to mention the quality of such early original demos and albums such as “Incarnation of Morbidity”. You know, are there any bands, which would really play something similar to Cemetary (as well as early Tiamat, Gorement, etc) and be as good as this band back in their early days? No! Especially as the production for “Incarnation of Morbidity” is just superb! It is classic Sunlight Studio sound, but damn, I love it. That guitar tone, that vocal sound… Amazing. And both songs, which originally appeared on the demo, are simply perfect Swedish death metal tunes. It is harsh death metal, with a lot of cool, melodic, atmospheric, kind of epic and sorrowful parts, but obviously it is also aggressive and dark as hell. I especially like the song from side A, “Funeral”, which is more doomy and epic, but truly awesome stuff. All in all, “Incarnation of Morbidity” belongs to my favourite Swedish death metal demos and I truly appreciate that it has been released on this 7”piece of vinyl. Great idea!
Final rate: 90/100

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  1. can only say that i have to agree on all.. Great release.