Monday, 23 June 2014

Helegion - Ritualis

HELEGION - Ritualis (ATAVISM Records - MC 2014)
OK., here I have an offer for all those, who worship black metal of the old, played in its minimalistic, almost kind of primitive and harsh, raw and cold way. This is a debut release of French band called Helegion, which the ever active Atavism Records just released on cassette. Well, I must say that sometimes I do like to comeback to some of these old materials, which bands like Infernum, Judas Iscariot, Thule, Ungod, Graveland, Osculum Infame and so on and on (too many to mention) recorded and released back in the 90’s. And I mention that because “Ritualis” is reminding me such old bands / recordings… Even if stylistically it is not always exactly the same stuff, then the atmosphere and general feeling are totally like on the classic black metal releases from the 90’s! So, if you’re into them, then Helegion is for you.
And my review of “Ritualis” shall be rather short, because there’s not much to say. Cold, raw sounding, simple, minimalistic black metal, played in the classic way, mainly mid or slow paced, but also with some typical up tempo parts here and there, which will remind even some early Darkthrone... This is Helegion. What I like about “Ritualis” is that the classic black metal has been played here with passion and Helegion has enough ideas to make some interesting songs, not just a boring one tempo / one riff crap. There’s enough variety in this demo, to make it interesting; from fast parts to almost melancholic and sorrowful moments. Yes, it is simple, but not annoying primitive, if you know what I mean. With the classic Beherit cover “The Gates of Nanna” (what a boring choice, really) the whole “Ritualis” is a great offer to die hard black metal maniacs.

Final rate: 69/100

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