Monday, 9 June 2014

ProFanatism - Painful Incarnations out already!

ProFanation - Painful Incarnations is out on CD!!!
I have already reviewed ProFanatism’s debut material “Painful Incarnations” few weeks ago, before it even was released, as my good friend Hidden sent me a copy of unreleased material. Finally though Dark Omens Productions has released the whole demo on CD and I can really recommend you this stuff! It is damn great black metal, in the Norwegian way, reminding me some of the last Gehenna albums, so you can expect something cold, harsh and kind of misanthropic, with some awesome riffs (especially the first two songs), which do not avoid also the melody… So, it is not just about harshness and devastation, but also about creating a proper, dark atmosphere… Which I can say that ProFanatism succeeded totally. Well done material, sadly only three songs are here, but it is enough to convince me and to wait for some more cool stuff from the band. Recommended. Order your copy at Dark Omens Prod, then!,

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