Monday, 16 June 2014

Macabra / Father Befouled - Split EP

MACABRA / FATHER BEFOULED - Split EP (Chalice of Blood Angel Productions - 7"EP 2013)
This 7”vinyl split was something what I wanted to get for quite a while now and it wasn’t so easy, especially as the vinyl is limited to barely 300 copies. Finally though I found one and didn’t even think twice, just bought it immediately! Here is a 7” split between Macabra and Father Befouled, released by Chalice of Blood Angel Productions in 2012. And I don’t hide the fact that I wanted this piece of bone white wax mainly because of Father Befouled, who are such an awesome band! And Macabra is more like something additional for me, but it is always cool also to find out new bands, so here was a chance for me, because I have never heard their music before.
And with Macabra I want to start. Well, the band – formed by Mark Riddick – surprised me quite much, with their eerie death metal. “Sacerdote Perverso” is brutal and heavy; more so, here and there it’s fast but mainly just slow and doomy with some almost mournful melodies… And immediately it creates this atmosphere of obscurity and horror. Damn, it is really cool. Macabra uses some extras to enhance the sound, with some choral vocals, keyboards, church bells, etc, even the Spanish lyrics make it sound unique. So, really everything here is just damn nice and if you’re a maniac of doomy, obscure, sinister death metal, then I bet this band will intrigue you immediately. It did me!
And as for Father Befouled, the first and most important thing, which we must say here is that their song “Profane Grace of the Trinity” was the first recording ever they did with Antichristus, to whom this EP is dedicated (ex drummer, who committed suicide in 2009). The song itself is quite typical for Father Befouled, which means I love it! Hehe! It has the obscure atmosphere of other recordings of Father Befouled, it is again mainly based on slow pace, mixed with some faster parts, what all together sounds like truly monumental, dense, crushing wall of sound. And I don’t even have to remind you about the disturbing, kind of sacrilegious, obscure atmosphere it evokes… All in all, Father Befouled is just killer.

Final rate: 80/100

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