Sunday, 1 June 2014

Beyond Mortal Dreams - Lamia

Ever since I have listened to the recent Beyond Mortal Dreams MCD, the excellent “Dreaming Death” I became a supporter of the band and wanted to hear more and more such brilliant sounds from them! Yes, they belong to my favourite Australian bands and I don’t care if someone will agree or not. So, I was waiting patiently when Beyond Mortal Dreams will finally record something new and that time has come… but! But this is only a seven inch single, so just two new songs, so my hunger is not really fully satisfied, anyway I am happy that I got at least that small piece of music. More so, I dare to say that “Lamia” has really crushed me and only confirmed how awesome is this band. Damn!!!!!!!
If I was going to describe the musical style of Beyond Mortal Dreams, it would be enough to say: pure fuckin death metal, totally relentless, totally annihilating, brutal and violent, with some of the best riffs, vocals, drumming and intensity, which you could only imagine. It sounds almost like Immolation played their fastest and most massive and devastating stuff ever! And both songs on this single are a bloody feast for my ears. Yes! I love this stuff! And seriously, it is so powerful, so annihilating that when I play it loud I can literally see the walls cracking. When these sounds blast, the smoke is coming out of the speakers. And damn, finally I must say this single makes such a great pain, because it force a total fuckin headbanging that it is painful and it is so vicious and sick! YES!!! I can only speak in mega positive manner about these two songs. Everything – the production, killer, diabolic, possessed vocals, then the totally devastating riffs, sick solos, fantastic drumming, which is fast and precise, technical, maniacal… Spotless, spotless, death metal perfection in the vein of Morbid Angel and Immolation!
Yes people! Get this 7”vinyl and give a total support to Beyond Mortal Dreams. For me they belong to the best death metal acts of nowadays death metal scene. And that is a fact. KILLER!
Final rate: 100/100

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