Friday, 20 October 2017

Hetzer - Lets Bow Abaddon... Before the Battle Against God...

HETZER - Lets Bow Abaddon... Before the Battle Against God... (Demo 2006)
It's always a shame to see some promising bands split up too early. Polish Hetzer did manage to unleash two albums, "The Rise of Abaddon" (2007) and "Fall of the Holy Cult" (2009), but they ended their activity way too soon, in my opinion. They delivered some crushing obscure death metal, had a lot of potential, but I am not sure then why did it all end up so soon. Anyway, I come back to their music quite often and today I was giving a spin to Hetzer's 2006 "Lets Bow Abaddon... Before the Battle Against God..." demo. And damn, what a nice stuff it is. 
Hetzer played brutal and truly violent and vicious death metal, where there was no room for melodies, keyboards or freaking technical patterns. From start to finish this demo brings total devastation in the old school, obscure way. Personally, I think that Hetzer was really influenced by early Belphegor, you can hear some similar riffs, but even the vocals of Ulcer sounded very alike to Helmuth's harsh growl. Anyway, I like a lot how fast and aggressive, how intense and merciless this demo is. At the same time there are few more catchy fragments, especially in "Butchery & Torment", which definitely is the best song on the demo. I can sincerely say that this song could really match the quality of many Belphegor blasphemous anthems. And that is not an exaggeration! Songs are short, but they burst with energy and ferocity, "The End of Christian Hope" or "Butchery & Torment" are just fantastic, so I really enjoyed to listen to this demo. And it only confirms how good band Hetzer was. In case you would ask, yes, both albums are even better! So, if you will ever find them, grab both, especially if you dig Belphegor, Angel Corpse or Marduk. 
Standout tracks: "Butchery & Torment", "The End of Christian Hope" 
Final rate: 70/100 

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