Friday, 20 October 2017

Sulphurous - Abomination Temple

SULPHUROUS - Abomination Temple (NIGHT SHROUD Records 7"EP 2017)
Sulphurous is a band, which may need a small introduction, because they're not so well known, yet. But if I mention Phrenelith, whose two members are involved in Sulphurous, then it will ring a bell to many. All in all, Phrenelith unleashed one of the most crushing death metal albums of 2017. Sulphurous has no full length yet, they did a fantastic demo in 2012 titled "Demo XII", which sadly was released on very strictly limited cassette, so you can only listen to it on Bandcamp or YouTube. Later in 2016 another demo has been recorded and luckily this one got a proper 7" vinyl format. It would be a fuckin shame to keep it hidden in darkness, because the music slays and I personally like it just as much as Phrenelith, maybe even more. 
I'm not gonna compare both bands though. There's no point. It is worthy to mention only that both play vicious and obscure death metal, which stylistically is like a fine combination of the Finnish coldness and gloom and US heaviness. There's as much from Incantation or Morbid Angel as from Funebre or Disgrace. And fuck, these two songs, which are on this 7", are complete for me and they provide the finest possible death metal blood-feast. I truly worship such sound, with these brilliant morbid riffage (with great marriage of heaviness and a bit of melody) and ghastly voice of Mathias Friborg. The blasts that dominate on both songs are also killer to hear. Sulphurous truly knows how to compose some spectacular tracks and this is a proof. More so, the production for this demo is just perfect, so you can imagine how good it is to listen to this seven inch. It's almost a shame that there are only two songs, I have no idea if Sulphurous will continue and record an album or not... All in all, these guys are busy in much more recognised now Phrenelith, but also in some other projects. We'll see. Now I can just say that this EP blew my head off. 
Final rate: 80/100 

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