Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hirvea - Esittely

HIRVEA - Esittely (FALLEN TEMPLE - MC 2017)
OK, I have to say that the music from this cassette sounds like sonic torture for me and going through it was a real pain and struggle every time I tried haha! I don't even know if I can call it "music" for fuck sake ha! Hirveä plays some sort of fucked up and totally sick doom / death / drone / experimental shit or whatever you will call it, so it's not stuff, which I would necessarily like to listen to. Especially when riffs are drilling into your brain with some noise and the vocals sound like sick, tortured screams and yells. 
"Esittely" is one 20-minutes long track, which takes you through very different emotions; from calm and atmospheric guitar parts (like the opening fragment) to slow, crushing heaviness, distortion and many noisy parts. Hirveä music is primitive, the drumming is sloppy, the vocals sick and harsh and the demo lacks riffs, which would standout out like they should on metal recording... Actually, there's nothing on "Esittely", what would make me like it. I can play it if I want to listen to something different, but not to enjoy it. There are some limits for my musical taste and I am afraid "Esittely" crossed them. So, no recommendation from me for this tape this time. I can understand concept for such extreme and primitive noise doom, I can even understand if someone wants to torture himself with such sounds. But I am not one, who would like it, sorry. 
Final rate: 40/100  

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