Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Revel in Flesh / Under the Church - Beyond the Gates… Death Awaits

REVEL IN FLESH / UNDER THE CHURCH - Beyond the Gates… Death Awaits (PULVERISED Records - split 7"EP 2017)
I love split seven inches, especially when two killer bands meet and deliver two crushing death metal songs. On "Beyond the Gates… Death Awaits" we have an alliance between Revel in Flesh and Under the Church. And I hope I don't need to remind those, who read my reviews, how much I like these two bands. I try to collect everything they record, they're both quite special for me and both belong to my favourites. My hands were almost shaking, when I played this vinyl for the first time haha! And damn, both bands didn't disappoint and blew my head off! 
Both acts recorded one cover, so it's not a typical split with your own exclusive songs. But I have to say that I like their performances. Revel in Flesh decided to record "Deny the Light" from Brazilian commando's Headhunter D.C. " Unholy Mourning..." album. And I love this cover. It's got a Swedish flavour due to the characteristic Swedish sound, which Revel has. And musically it would be one of the fastest, most vicious and brutal songs that Revel has ever recorded. Fuck, I love it, it may be even better than the original, although I know I may be risking my head writing that haha! But it's a great song and I have a lot of respect for Headhunter D.C. for writing such killers. Sure they did deserve this tribute and Revel in Flesh did splendid job! 
With Under the Church we move to Canada to pay tribute to an old thrash metal classic, which is "Evil Invaders" by Razor. I have not listened to the original for a long time, I do admit it, because I kind of stopped listening to thrash metal at all for some time. Don't ask me why. Anyway, Under the Church's cover is rather close to the original, it may not be so utterly archaic but when you listen to it, you just know that it must be an old classic thrash metal tune, because nowadays no one plays like that! It sounds very good, you can grab a beer and sing the chorus with the band... and then switch the side to get blown away by blasting death metal of "Deny the Light" haha! 
All in all, I am happy to add this seven-inch vinyl to my collection. I know some of you may feel disappointed that it contains just covers, but I don't. I like them both, especially what Revel in Flesh has done here, so thumbs up for both bands! 
Final rate: 70/100 

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