Friday, 20 October 2017

Persecutor / Poisoned - Raw Torments of War

This fine split CD arrived to me couple of years ago and I have to say that I enjoyed this music a lot. Both bands are Polish and are rather little known, I doubt that many people, especially abroad, have heard about them. Which is a shame, because they released some great shit. So, even though I doubt if bands like Poisoned care for attention and appreciation of the current metal scene, I decided to introduce this split to you, hoping that this review will interest some of the readers in this music. 
So, let's play "Raw Torments of War" again and again... Persecutor begins this sonic torment with four tracks of cool thrashing death / black metal, done in very old school, obscure way. Their music is filthy, nasty and simple, but ass kicking. They don't care for fancy arrangements or fashionable images, but bring pure, harsh metal feeling and tribute to the old cults. Their music can remind you quite few bands, but when I listen to song called "Armageddon Warhead" personally I can't think of another record, but Absu's "The Third Storm of Cythraul". And how well it fuckin sounds! It's been a while since Persecutor released their last full-length album, I am not sure if they still exist or not... but if they do, I hope to hear more shit from them soon! 
And then there's Poisoned, whose debut CD "Beyond the Gates of Fire" from 2016 was really damn nice. For "Raw Torments of War" they prepared three songs plus Massacra cover - and I like them even more than the album. What their music brings is total primeval and archaic death metal. When I hear it, I really feel like I was listening to some old songs from the late 80's / early 90's, but with slightly better production. Just check these vocals and tell me how often do you hear such raw, vicious voice in death metal nowadays? Hardly ever (I suppose only Throneum can be named as similar type of band)! It's like old Vader or Massacra demos rather than any fashionable old school stuff. And damn, I love to listen to their part of "Raw Torments of War". Total morbid metal of death with small hinfor raw thrash metal. Song "Torment of War" is a great proof of their worth. Very recommended band, in my opinion! 
Standout tracks: "Armageddon Warhead", "Torment of War" 
Final rate: 70/100 

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