Thursday, 1 June 2017

Inexorable - Sea of Dead Consciousness

INEXORABLE - Sea of Dead Consciousness (GODZ OV WAR - CD 2017)
Out of the blue I was reminded about "Sea of Dead Consciousness" from German band Inexorable; it's an EP, which I already had a chance to review back in 2015, when Unholy Prophecies released it on cassette. But I forgot of it somehow and haven't listened to it again... until last week really. And that's because the mighty Godz ov War Productions just released "Sea of Dead Consciousness" on CD! Good, if you ask me, because this EP deserves recognition and is a fine tune for all those, who're thirsty for crushing, sepulchral death / black metal. 
Obviously it is pointless to give a detailed description of "Sea of Dead Consciousness" again. If you want to know my opinion on this recording, check my old review here 
But I do want to brief you in and let you know what can you expect and what is this band and this EP about. So... we deal here with 6 tracks that I previously divided into two parts. The first one is the more interesting and important, I think. Songs "I", "II" and "III" are Inexorable's own compositions, filled with some murky, dense and chaotic death / black metal, which you could probably compare to bands like Grave Miasma, Mitochondrion, Incantation, Portal, Impetuous Ritual and so on. This may not be the most impressive and fascinating take on this obscure and sepulchral death metal, but Inexorable know what they're doing and that intense wall of heavy and dissonant riffs, blasting drums and harsh vomits do sound great and the effect is simply crushing. Additionally CD version brings new song called "IV", which is pretty much in the same vein as three previous anthems. All in all I think that "I" and maybe "II" are the highlights of the whole CD, with their ritualistic and truly eerie aura. These sounds truly can take you into the abyss, slowly bringing death and emptinessAnd this is also what Inexorable lyrics are about. I have to say that there are great written texts! 
As for the part two of "Sea of Dead Consciousness", it offers three covers from Mayhem, Immolation and Mysticum. Immolation's is my fave for sure, while Mysticum sounds way too much out of place here, as it simply doesn't fit the rest of this material. I treat all these covers are fillers and something more or less interesting, but I would be able to live without them. But please check out Inexorable own songs, this is some serious heavy shit. 
Standout track: "I", "II" 
Final rate: 75/100 

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