Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Morbid Messiah - In the Name of True Death Metal

MORBID MESSIAH - In the Name of True Death Metal (GODZ OV WAR Productions MC 2017)
Truly a filthy and nasty, primitive and raw is death metal from young Mexican horde called Morbid Messiah, who just debuted with their first demo "In the Name of True Death Metal". What a nice title! Although I have no idea what "true" would mean. Anyway, I have to say that when I listen to their music, it feels like I was playing an old demo or EP from very, very early 90's. Everything about it is done the old school way; harsh production, heavy and brutal music with no slightest sign of more modern influence... and riffs, which fit some early Incantation or other NY based 90's bands. 
Certainly Morbid Messiah shows a solid performance on "In the Name of True Death Metal". I cannot say that this is the best and most thrilling demo I've ever heard, but some of these riffs are really fantastic (like the whole opening piece of "Sacrificed for Worship". I like the dark and evil atmosphere of the music and its sheer violent, heavy nature. Especially the slower parts sound great, while when played fast their death metal can sound slightly chaotic. Really Morbid Messiah came up with some shredding parts ("Condemned to Hell Sores"!) and José Rivas' vocals sound bestial. It's far from perfection and I suppose that such harsh take on old school death metal will be a pain in ears of the listeners, who rather prefer plastic and lifeless modern death metal. But as a debut release definitely "In the Name of True Death Metal" fulfilled its task and I am interested to hear more from Morbid Messiah. With a bit more powerful production this could kill mercilessly. As for now, if you dig Sadistic Intent, old Incantation, Dead Congregation, Imprecation and so forth, then it's a putrid piece of meat for you. 
Standout tracks: "Sacrificed for Worship", "Condemned to Hell Shores" 
Final rate: 70/100 

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