Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Martwa Aura - Tenebrae Divine

Martwa Aura is Polish black metal band, which previously managed to come up with debut full length album ("Contra Mundi Contra Vitae" from 2015) as well as couple of other releases (like split with Szron). I never had a chance to hear their music before, so I am quite happy to finally have a chance to check it out. And I start with their newest release, which is "Tenebrae Divine" EP. Frankly speaking, I didn't have any expectations of what it could be likeneither I had any idea for the quality and style of their black metal. Somehow I imagined it could be something like melancholic so called DSBM or however people call it... I am happy then that it's definitely nothing like DSBM and instead I am hit by some ferocious and harsh, mostly fast, black metal. This is something I like way more than to hear some crying, depressed kid, who just lost his cat. As for the quality... well, Martwa Aura is not the most exceptional or killer black metal band, but I do like "Tenebrae Divine" and I can sincerely recommend this release to you all. 
"Tenebrae Divine" atmosphere is very cold and grim, this music is truly hateful and aggressive. There are just three songs, but they're all mostly fast and ferocious. "Divine" is probably the slowest song here, at the end you can even hear a melodic lead, which brings a bit more diversity to the EP (definitely it's also the best and most interesting track here). But such "Manes" is going to kick you in face with relentless black metal that has no room for pleasant and calm music. Martwa Aura opts for traditional means, with no use of keyboards or epic styles. And that's good, if you ask me. As much as I love more atmospheric black metal, sometimes it feels good to just hear more pissed off and uncompromising material. "Tenebrae Divine" delivers that and I do like it. So, it definitely was a good listening experience. 
By the way, I remember hearing some opinions about the previous Martwa Aura releases that the vocals were not quite good. Well, for "Tenebrae Divine" they were performed by Hidden from ProFanatism and they surely sound great. 
Standout track: "Divine" 
Final rate: 70/100 

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