Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Taranis - Moon Silver Mask

It's been ages since I've been listening to anything by Polish Taranis for the last time. This band, which was active in the early 90's (formed in 1991), was one of the most obscure and dark sounding bands in Poland at that time. Their music, strongly influenced by some Suiss acts like Samael, Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Sadness, Misery and so on, had very eerie and kind of theatrical aura that was distinguishing Taranis from many other similar acts. Personally though I've never been huge fan of them. I preferred Pandemonium with their more aggressive and powerful sound. Taranis style was sometimes a bit too weird and sorrowful for me. If I was listening their music, then I liked to play "Obscurity" demo rather than "Faust" album. "Moon Silver Mask" is an EP originally released in 1993, between the mentioned demo and the album. In 2017 we can see it re-released on CD and 7" vinyl by Under the Sign of Garazel. Pretty cool idea, yes. Time to remind myself this band and also this old, long time unheard, material! 
And well, my general impression is that nowadays "Moon Silver Mask" sounds quite outdated and that it grew old pretty badlyBut at the same time there's something unique about it. When compared to "Obscurity", Taranis music on this EP started to sound more atmospheric and eerie, with more melancholic and sorrowful riffs. Jacques' vocals have changed also, he wasn't focusing on harsh black metal voice so much anymore, but also used some whispers or clean vocals. I don't like some of these vocals that much. Not only was he falsing a bit, but the Polish accent sounds pretty horrible. The music is doomy and quite original, but yet again I have to admit that I prefer the heavier sounding, harsh and raw black metal from "Obscurity" demo. Anyway, "Moon Silver Mask" has its charm, there's something about this EP that works almost in magic way, like it waabout to cast a spell on you. I really don't know how to explain this feeling, so you better give it a listen and find out yourself what I mean. It's nothing extraordinary nor the most fantastic piece of music, but it's interesting for sure. And "Moon Silver Mask" is a good preludium for "Faust" album. As well as it's an important piece of the history of Polish black metal (even though Taranis was a standing aside to the whole black metal scene of the early 90's, with all their extreme ideas and rules). This reissue is a good idea then and good opportunity to remind people about Taranis. I bet that "Faust" will get reissued also, in the meantime get "Moon Silver Mask". By the way, "Obscurity" was also reissued on CD few years ago by Under the Sign of Garazel. 
Final rate: 70/100 

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