Thursday, 1 June 2017

Morbosatan - Morbosatan

And here's CD, which will cut throats of all die hard bestial black / death metal fanatics. This is Peruvian band called Morbosatan. Their name will be relatively new even to those, who're fairly familiar with everything that's going on in the extreme metal underground, but I am sure that those, who love this obscure and bestial South American metal of death will add their name to the list of worthy bands. Morbosatan recently came out with a split 7" with Death Yell as well as another single released through Blood Harvest. Meanwhile Fallen Temple unleashed CD with Morbosatan's earlier stuff, which is 2014 self titled demo with 2013 rehearsal recording as a bonus. 
What can you expect from it? Primitive, ugly, utterly aggressive and nasty, bestial death / black metal! It's South American band, so not only their lyrics are in their native language (some of them at least) – what surely adds very specific and almost hellish aura to the music. They also take influences from their scene with full grasps, being a bastard child of early efforts of bands like SarcofagoVulcanoHadez, prehistoric Sepultura, Anal Vomit, Goat Semen and more. This music is noisy, plain simple, with almost primitive, but sometimes quite thrashy riffs, it's cacophonic and always fuckin fast. There's not even a single moment of melodic or more memorable and peaceful music, from start to finish it's as evil and abhorrent as such music can only get. And damn, it's not bad at all. Even the production on both parts of this CD is relatively good, so I could enjoy these morbid sounds as much as it's possible. I like some of their riffs a lot, also these possessed, evil vocals of Evil Fukker sound good to my ears. There's nothing about Morbosatan music what would make it sound exceptional, but also nothing what would make it unworthy. It's fairly good and I am sure that many of you, who like South American bands will worship Morbosatan sound as well. I enjoyed it and I am ready for another bestial attack from them! 
Standout tracks: "Morbosatan", "Morbid Genocide" 
Final rate: 65/100 

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