Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hicks Kinison / Corrupt Moral Altar split

Hicks Kinison / Corrupt Moral Altar split 7"EP (FAT ASS Records split 2016)
This split 7”EP is another piece of vinyl that was kindly sent to me by Fat Ass Records. Right from the beginning they said that it may not be my kind of music, but they wanna send it anyway. And this is how the split between Hicks Kinison and Corrupt Moral Altar found its way to my turntable. And yes, they were right and neither of these two acts play music, which I would usually listen to. And obviously I never heard of these bands before.
Corrupt Moral Altar, who are from Liverpool, play this sort of hard core / metalcore / grind type of music – or however you wanna call it, I am not gonna argue, because I’m not an expert in such sounds. Both tracks have this typical kind of rhythms, riffs and screaming vocals, which usually characterize such bands. But I was quite surprised to hear some fast, blasting parts in Corrupt Moral Altar music, surely I have to say that they play very violent and aggressive, pissed off stuff. Not my cup of blood at all, but somehow I had no troubles playing their side of 7” several times. And I did play it loud. I can only admit that this is quality stuff and if you like this style then you should check them out.
Hicks Kinison is more grind core’ish type of band, but what I like about them is that they don’t play this nonsense brutality on full speed with pointless riffs, boring and annoying pigsty squeals and vocals. Instead, their music is rather mid paced, with a lot of groove and truly heavy riffs. They also have strong hard core’ish influence, so again it’s not necessarily my type of music, but Hicks Kinison – who I prefer more from two bands that are on this split – have some cool riffs there and I like that groove they have. Play it loud and it surely will force you to bang skull. Oh, I didn’t mention that, but Shane Embury tortures bass in Hicks Kinison!

Final rate: 65/100

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