Thursday, 16 May 2019

Gatecreeper - Sweltering Madness

GATECREEPER - Sweltering Madness (CLOSED CASKET Act - 7"EP 2018)
"Sonoran Depravation" is such a killer debut LP that Gatecreeper immediately jumped on my list of favourite new death metal bands. The only problem I have with them is that I'm miles away from completing their discography. I did have a chance to get split with Iron Reagan recently, but Iron Reagan plays completely not my type of music, so I'm hesitating with this release. Luckily, in the meantime I managed to buy "Sweltering Madness" 7"EP released by Closed Casket Activities. 
And what a fantastic set of two songs this 7" is. Of course we can always moan that this is such a short effort and ends way too early. But this is a whole charm of this format. Anyway, I absolutely love both songs from it. Gatecreeper sounds awfully Swedish for an US death metal band, but they play this type of death metal with great passion and killer quality. Riffage in their songs is brilliant, I love the melodic parts, I love the groove and aggression. I also love when they bring some Autopsy influenced riffs to their music also. Generally, both songs from this 7" are perfect for my death metal taste. Seriously. Perfect. Not only because their top quality songwriting, but also because the production is spot on and everything sounds so powerful and vicious. But I think that "Mastery of Power" is better of the two, what a fine song it is! 
So, check Gatecreeper out, if you still haven't heard of this band before. Get their album and this EP. And everything else what came from them. But what a shame they haven't done split with better band than Iron Reagan. Should I buy a 12” just for two songs and one side only? Probably I will have to! 
Verdict: 80/100 

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