Saturday, 31 March 2018

Stillborn - Crave for Killing

STILLBORN - Crave for Killing (GOdz ov War Productions CD 2018)
Last few weeks brought us new releases of some of the most extreme and vicious Polish death / black metal bands – Stillborn and Kingdom (Godz ov War), Voidhanger (Agonia) and Moloch Letalis (Old Temple). I sharp my knife for all these albums and I am sure that each will crush with some brilliant tunes. First shit, which I had a chance to hear was Stillborn's "Crave for Killing", which actually is only an EP, but it's definitely a worthy follower to "Testimonio de Bautismo" album. This relatively short piece of death / black metal is a relentless and powerful attack, it's a constant cannonade of blasting drums and ferocious riffage, with rough, commanding vocals (one of which is deep growl and other is just vicious, pissed off scream). So, nothing has changed really, if you've heard Stillborn's previous albums, then "Crave for Killing" will not surprise you.  
But it doesn't matter, really, because what counts is the quality and this is again something what characterize Stillborn music. It's just very good, very well played savage and most violent, extreme metal of death, which seeks no mercy. There's hardly ever time for slower parts, absolutely no room for melodic or more pleasant music... just blasts and pure torment, perfect for maniacal headbangers. This bestial music is somehow easy to get into though, if you like such extreme stuff of corpse! They have memorable riffs and the music is quite simplistic, very straight forward, so it caught my attention immediately. It's worth to mention that for me personally "Crave for Killing" has this old school Brazilian feel, of some ancient Sarcofago or Sepultura records, so it's just pure madness. Song I like the most is "Staroświeckość we mnie jest", because it's maybe the most varied piece, with some quite nice guitar leads and a bit slower riffage, which keeps that venomous and bestial character of Stillborn music intact. A nice EP then, definitely worth getting. 
Standout track: "Staroświeckość we mnie jest" 
Final rate: 70/100 

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